Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Argh ... i hate homecoming (sometimes) ... Once i get into the car and my mom start to nag me ! nag nag nag nag till im arrived home ....then she drove 10 km/h or 20 km/h maximum ... imagine how far and how long the road is ......... GOD !! so annoying !!!

She finally stopped when im home , because i straight away locked myself in my room ... and pretending i wanna bath ~ THANK GOD !

Then Emily text me and ask me to go out ... Okay ~ then we chit chat outside ....Then suddenly i heard ppl scream "SUE !!!!!" whoa !! i freaked out and shocked ! Then i saw a bunch of siao po's ! ahaha Mei Kit , Yennie and Camie ~ Yeeppie ! So excited to see them ... i stand there and chit chat with them for like half an hour ....? gossip here gossip there , memang GOSSIP GIRLS ! hahahaha remember the days we went tuition ~ So fun together ... Yennie getting cuter , Mei Kit getting prettier and Camie getting sweeter ~ hahaha promise that we will hang out during CNY ya ~ Miss them lotss ... we definitely wont missed out our buddies ~ Bee Koon ( Lou Gu Po ) , Veeiean , CK and Agatha ! Yeppie ! cant wait to see them on CNY !

~ Argh boys boys boys ~ All (Mostly ) is the same ~ Change lover like changing clothes , easy and fast ... selfish and irresponsible ! what comes around what goes around ~ #@$!^#%@$#@

*finger crossed*


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