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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


the two blood suckers ! while another went to somewhere hell

i dunno this girl =_="

i really do love it

on a call asking for something while Sheny changing clothes !!

dun worry , i wont buy this dress !

this is not me ~ not my element

i love this too ...

dont u think my body shape looks like a vase ?

yesterday went to ipoh again with my friendsss ~ Sing ee , Sheny , Ah Tan and ermm "Zhong Yee" ? ~ i guess his name spells like that ~ lol ... he is really funny , cant believe he is from my hometown too coz i never met him before =__=

his car really very nice to sleep ~ i fall asleep at Sheny's shoulder ~ she is short ahaha not very comfy but oso very good ! hahaha ~ " dong gua " ~ dun kill me r ... jus a while then we arrived Jusco d ... the first thing we do is went to Big Apple Donuts ~ that hungry ghost, Sheny hungry like dying ~ then she bought two donuts and trying to seduce me to eat it and trying to feed me ~ nanana ~ failed ~ i didn eat it ... then we went for a movie ~ The Day The World Still Stood ... we bought popcorn and soft drink ~ POPCORN is a must do when u went for movie ~ Sheny and i share a popcorn ... then i keep on eat it and she snatch with me ... so , havent enter the cinema , we already ate half of it ... then suddenly we think its not enough ... so tat popcorn sold to ah tan at RM4 ~ hahaha bad Sheny ~ then we go and buy again ~ hahaha ~ the movie quite nice la ... but Sheny and i keep on laugh ~ because of Oscar .... there is a alien ? should i said alien ? ermmm guardian of alien ... which is very strong and HUGE ... when it appear , Sheny and i keep on laugh ... bcoz looks like the statue of Oscar award ~ hahahahaha ~ Keanu Reeves is sooooooooooooo hot and smart ! i tot he will kiss the girl ... not even a scene they hug together =_= this is a very nice movie , go and watch with friends ~ not suitable for couples ... because no kissing hugging scene ~ hahahaha just kidding =_=
oh ya , at last we cant finish the popcorn ~ what a waste , so Sheny said pack for Sing Ee ~

After that , we went to PDI concept store .... they all ar ~ didn even think to buy then just simply wanna try ~ okay include me =_= sooooooo unlucky i found two shirt really nice .... which is red colour and another ermm green colour ~ the red colour really suitable for chinese new year ! because very red ! it is a simple design but i like it and i didn have such shirt before .. then the green mix colour shirt really look so stylish on me and some kind of attitude ~ aaa ~ so cool ... its abit boyish though ~ anyway , we didn buy any shirt =_= bcoz of financial problem .....
im so sad that i couldnt buy it .... really like it alot ......wuwuwu T_T

then we went to Kok Thai Restaurant meet Sing Ee ~ listen to those participants sing ~ they sing really good ~ especially Sing Ee's daddy sing new year songs ... so geng ! just like copy and paste from those New Year CD .... then her sis fetch us back with high speed ~ pheww ~ so fast ! yeap ~

I forgot to mention that we caught by 3 police .... when Louis fetch us bck from bus station... She didnt bring her license and IC ~ so ..... i also dunno what the hell they trying to say .... giving us hint but i dunno what he mean ... trying to act cool and fierce ? sorry it doesnt work for me ... i didn bring IC also so i have to keep quiet =_= bad guy , bad police .... wanna rasuah ~ also what the hell we went wrong ... at we gave each of them RM30 ! $#@$@#^##^ i curse three of u bang anything that is hard enough to let u guys masuk hospital lah !!! then fall into westlake !!!! or next time rasuah let dog chase or strike by thunder when riding motor !!! JUST GO AND DIE LAH !!!!!!!!

i didn have money d , share share wo T_T im poor like a beggar now .... daddy havent bank in money to me but i dunwan keep on mention that he havent bank in to me ... bcoz i dunwan annoyed him about money matter ~ my mom aaaaaaaaa so bad !!!!!! dunwan return me money aaaa RM200 aaaaa ~ i wan to put back into my account aaa ~ feel like cheat by her ! u promise will return money to me but u didn make it ! i hate ppl who break promise , SERIOUSLY ! irresponsible ........although i am very mad at u , but i still love my mom la =__= ! anyway , U BETTER RETURN ME MONEY ! MOM !!!

Refrigerator spoiled and my food all gone !!! aaaaaaa so smelly and those are my food for this week ~ and its gone ......... so unlucky ~ i have to eat those egg as soon as possible .... why so unlucky ? WHY ?!??!?

[p/s: upset upset upset !]


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