CK is 19 !

Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally 4 of us ~ my skin looks like burnt out !
what ya doin ?


again ?

this look weird ~ the feeling so weird

ahh ~ this is much better

Happy Birthday CK !

Ermm should i start from 21 of January , 8.30 pm ... i text Kk and asked him how we gonna celebrate CK's bday ~ then he got no idea ... And i came out an idea which is give her a suprise by standing outside her house without letting her know at 12 am ~ So at 9pm i go and fetch Kk then we go to buy a cake ~ i thought the shop dunno what "shit ta late" got sell higher standard cake because each piece of its cake cost RM5.50 ~ Oklo , i thought something like very classy ~ mana tahu ... 1st - Lack of cakes ! 2nd - Ugly cakes ! 3rd - bad attitude and service ... instead of going such lousy place , so we went to Just To Eat - the only best cake shop in town ( i think ) ... i saw the big and round cake ... awww im dieting man ! it makes me bloated when i looked at it ... I guess we couldnt finish it , so Kk and i bought 3 pieces of cake and ask for 10 candles ... Paiseh Paiseh =X After that , we went back home and Kk said wanna do homework ... then i surf net lor ~ then he started to play with me ... Play webcam with Allen , search information for our upcoming gadget ! Woohoo ~ finally he wanna buy the same phone as mine ~ both of us buy together must be cheaper ~ i guess ? Pheww cant wait for the new gadgets we gonna owned soon ! At around 11.45 pm , we prepared and go to Ck house ... Kk call Ck and chit chat for a while ... Pretending ~ Then i busying light up the candles ~ Its so windy that night , so i had a rough time lighting it and eventually i burnt my thumb ! T-T Then i teached Kk how to get Ck out from her house .... a very lame technique which is ask her to come out see the moon ! Lying her its a full moon ~ a innocent 19 years old Ck really believed and came out ... Ahaha then we sing a birthday song to her ! She was so suprised ! Yeah ~ we did it ...

In the next day , we went to Al-Fresco to celebrate with her again ~ however i missed one person which is my lovely sister - Seng Le ~ Sorry bout that ... So , we had our very first drink - Mocktail ... Okay ~ it sucks to the max ! Just a more expensive fruit drinks with better name ~ Mine , Love Potion ~ argh just peach mix this and that ~ whatever la ... rm6 , okla ~ just not worth it ... Next time i will try something new instead of mocktail =_= After that , we went McDonald drive thru and bought a Twister Fries and McFlurry ! Im glad that i didnt eat any of it ~ not even one bite ! They keep on seduce me ESPECIALLY the McFlurry ! Aaaa luckily ... Pheww if not im gonna run for 10 rounds at Speedy Field ... Oh ya forgot to mention i run 5 rounds at Speedy Field yesterday ! So happy i break my record that i can run non stop for 5 rounds ! Cooo-ool , gonna run again today ... Can i run more than 5 rounds today ? Okayyy back to topic.... After that , we went to The Store , wanna play race car ~ we havent play for that since last year ! I really miss the days we went there play with my friends ! However , its closed ! Okayy then we will go and play it today ~ After that , when they fetch us back ... we sing a chinese new year song together in the car ! LOL ~ and Kk accidentally press to a radio channel which is 988 ~ its ghost story telling ! ahaha we listen in the car for 10 ++ minutes .... Its not scary , kinda fake actually =D

Last but not least , CK HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! You are older now ! Hahaha 19 years old !


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