Bad Habit

Saturday, January 10, 2009

what are they talking bout behind me ?
Sheny ~~

Aduh Gorgeous ~ dun be shy


Hoodie Ladies ~

Nowadays ... I will never sleep if the clock does not show 2 am or 3 am ~

Always sleep late recently ...

No , since last year ~

This is a bad habit of mine !

I gotta sleep early from now on...

I will sleep after i finish my sociology homework ...

But its already 12.13 am ...

A little bit of too late ...

Because of 4 alphabets = DIET

And everything i eat must be tasteless ...

Less Sugar

Less Salt

Poor Sue ...

Only Bihun Soup or Small Rice with Vege without meat ....

Or Bread ...

Everyday 2 meals or 1 meals ...

I gotta keep it up ~

I will never give up for shaping my body ...

I think i got improvement ...

When i try 32 size of the PDI jeans ...

It is so loose that i can actually put one hand into it !

And i already decrease my size of shirt to L but not XL anymore !!

Now i started to buy L size shirt ~ Yeapie !

This is a M size shirt that i can fit in !! I didnt buy it because kinda tight =_=

Also , i already owned a M size shirt ~ so i will continue slim down till i change to M size and S size !!

Wohoo ...

Smile and laugh alone in the fitting room ... Siao eh =_=

I will keep it up till i am satisfied !

Okay .. go to sleep !


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