Baby V is back !

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well , my baby V is back from KL ! Yeppie ~ She definitely meet her baby first and im the second T-T ... she came to my house just wanna wrap present , also she bring along her hubby ~ ahhh so noisy in the phone and always kacau me in msn [ neh , now kacau-ing me in msn again ~ say miss me again ! =_= ] , but when he came to my house ... walaoooo u cant imagine how silent he is .... and sooo shy ~ Sai hei lah , also dunno shy for what ... Chit chat chit chat and think back those silly things we done ~ those funny video ~ and miss the times we in high school ~ Seng Le and Boon Hui sit behind us and always kacau us happy together , laugh everyday ~ Wish we could go back to the times we were so happy together .... I miss those days !!!!!!! I miss them !!!!!!!!!! I wish we will always be besties forever and ever ever ever ~ Also , she gossip with me about her lala classmates that always lied and follow others ~ Duh , thank god u found some other friends u can rely on ... at least u can mix with her well ~

After that , her hubby suddenly said want to eat ice =_= ~ and he asked me got ice ? [weird] then i said we go out yum cha la ~ Then she said wanna go to the what " shit ta latte " shop , really shit =_= ... i told her d , dun go ... oklo she wan try ~ then we go in ... a unknown waitress trying to speak english with us ... Ok fine , dun try to show off pls ~ Little sister ... Then , we ordered our drinks and Veeiean ordered a piece of American Cheesecake ~ Sound very nice right ? Oh god ... it will be the first time also the last time ... The quality aint that good ( bad ) , then dun sell so expensive la ~ Overall my latte mocha still okay okay lar ~ After that we went back luh .... My dad is back and with a hamper ~ I love to detach those hamper since im young ~ when im young , there are a lotsss of hampers when CNY but now got one only ... T-T Economic crisis ? got relate de meh ? Nvm la ... then we use the ribbon tat attach at top of the hamper to decorate our doggie ... haha ~
The American Cheesecake ....
Look at our face expression then u will know ~
Our doggie ...aha look so funny with the ribbon ~ She has a crowded teeth , need to put on braces ? Its funny that she cant close her mouth completely without showing her crowded teeth ~
This dunno what what seaweed ~ makes me addicted to when i try the first bite ... So delicious and crunchy ! I gotta eat it as much as i can ( not much actually ) because my bro will back tomorrow ... He is like those food hunter or hungry ghost ... eat eat eat eat eat but very thin ~ SO UNFAIR !

Tomorrow night will be the day of gaining weight so gonna work out with sister again in the early morning ... Wohoo ~ i think im addicted to jogging ? Feel so uncomfortable that i didnt jogging today ...


粉肠教教主 said...

Yo~ thank Q very machi~
Happy CNY together la~ ^^

All de lengjai are gay de...
so sad...

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