Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Go check this movie out ! Oh duh , so god damn FUNNY ! She is a teenager just like me ~ always wanna try something new such as *snogging* and dating ! So hilarious ! I think Georgia ( main actress ) pretty cute ~ LOL im so envy the ending ... Lately i think that being a single soooo fine but after watching this movie , it makes me wanna dating , aaa ~ wanna have a bf ~ how sweeeeet ! I wonder the scene in this movie will happen in real life ? aha ~ which boys doesnt want a pretty gf but a ugly gf ? But a boy in this movie melts me heart ! his name is Aaron Johnson !!!!!! He is same age as us ~ I just cant describe how sweet he is , his eyes just soooooo powerful ... high voltage baby ! Sooo cute !! He is just very incredibly extremely tremendously amazingly
CUTE ! Duh i wish i were Georgia in this movie ... so cute having such bf who does not care her appearance but her inner heart and personality ~
movie is just movie , back to reality bah !


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