Yes !!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I ate so so so full for my dinner ! BLOATED =__=" because my dad ordered my FOOD !! hohoho got appetite already ~ LOL ~

Oh yeah ~

My mom agree to let me change phone !! yeah yeah ~ finally i can change phone ~ i definitely choose SONY ERICSSON ~ just wondering should i choose Walkman phone or Cybershot phone ? coz i love to take photos also love to listen to music ~ how how how ? any idea ? Gimme some comment ~ dun be shy , thank you ~~

My dad bang into my room and gave me 5 tee shirts and 3 sleep wears ... well , not i being choosy ~ just the style he bought from thailand really ..... speechless ~ those splat over here and there ~ ohh i definitely wont wear it outside .... im sorry daddy even though the quality is good but the design just so ....... and the sleep wears u choose is getting more "auntie" lar .... my dear ~ before those u bought look so cute yet nice ~ but now ........ alamak ~ nvm i will try to wear it when im free .... my brother doesnt want it too , he gave to me and i gave to him ... two of us trying to escape ~ hoho remained shirt will gave it to my brothers ~ coz size too big ... LOL ~ btw thanks , daddy !!

Going to bath ~ because wanna roll "tang yuen" liao ~ yeapie !
oh ya , JEFF stay away from my laptop ! or else i will kill u ... btw Jeff is my brother !
p/s : 不管发生什么事都要坚强地笑着活下去... ( from 教主)


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