Why ?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Why i sick at this moment ? Why suddenly sore throat till so serious that i couldnt speak a words ?
I planned to do revision for practical lab test [ burning midnight oil ] ~ but now i couldnt because i scare tomorrow my presentation for media in writting for mass comm might cant work out ...
Throat soooooooo pain !! i ate medicine and i thought i will recover when i wake up ...
MANA TAHU ! worse than before... i was like completely mute for the whole night ...
Tears keep falling because it is really pain and felt helpless...
I havent memorize the questions to be asked tomorrow and the practical still blur blur ~ dead =_= !
Luckily , Allen's bamboo salt help me recover abit ... at least not so pain ~ but the smell soooo bad and so salty ~
Nevermind lar ... think for my future ~ So i gotta endure it ... Allen keep on force me to drink drink drink drink ~ almost put the whole bottle into my stomach ... my stomach are so fulled now .... it is fulled of bamboo salt water ~ =_=
Btw , thanks to him for helping me when im sick and teach me webpage design ... if not , i will be dead ...
Thank you ar...~ Allen !
[ hope everything will happen smoothly as i expected on Friday]


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