Tang Yuen Day [ in chinese ] =X

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tang Yuen Season luh ~~~~~~
and i will be rolling my beloved TANG YUEN !!
i love to eat so much much much !
i asked my mom to bring many many back Kampar
and she said " U SIAO AR ?"
i was like okay lor ... =__= so swt !
but i still insist bring many many back to Kampar !!
she keep on say very hard digest ah bla bla ... means very fat =__=
it do freaks me out , coz im on diet !
no matter what , i will still eat it !!!!!

Then , someone rang my doorbell ...
it was Alvix ... standing outside my gate and its raining ...
looks like rain man =_=
then he help me to roll tang yuen and we do some silly act which makes my mom felt annoyed !
hahaha , i dun care anyway =P

we roll different shapes of tang yuen ~ and my mom scolded me ...
because she said ...
" do u try to give god eat this kinda thing"
then i was like ...
"oklo... sorry lo ... i will eat it "
hahahah look what shape we had done !!

Chill out ~ Smiley =) done by me ~

ur butt !!! by me too =D

ur boobs !!! by me XD

Mutated flower by Alvix

The abandoned Tang Yuen ~ Awww sorry ~

Mom , why do u look so fierce ?

btw focus on the tang yuens ~

bone ? by me ~

the S tang yuen ~

Lurve ~ Lurve ~


Speechless Tang Yuen by Alvix !!!

Colourful ~!

Delicious !!!!

Random photo of my mom =_=

Dirty Hand !!

woohoo ~

CLONE of the tang yuen =_=

Yummy !!

Look UGLY ~ Yes ... =_=

By the way ...
this is a love story of a TANG YUEN ~

Here it is ...

Once upon a time , three Lurves met each other in a crowded Tang Yuen city ...

Both of them fall in love and be together ~

But then , the heartless Lurve tang yuen changed his heart and fall for another Lurve tang yuen ...

And left this Lurve tang yuen all alone in a lonely city ....

The Lurve tang yuen broke her heart and commit suicide by jumping into my mouth....

and left the remained corpse of Lurve tang yuen ...
[ i ate it too =__=]

and the Lurve tang yuen has disappeared in this world ....

left nothing .... =_=

very swt right ? =__=
hope everyone have a happy tang yuen day ~


粉肠教教主 said...

yer~ colorful one very attractiv lo!

Sue said...

hahaha yeap ~ very nice ~

miacco said...

cute dao~~~
y i so stupid din't figure it out to make that little love shape put in those i made 4 sum leh~~~

so cute~~
y u so clever de~~

Sue said...

hahahahahaha cute leh ????
nvm u no nit make love shape de tang yuen also very sweet ....

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