Super Woman

Saturday, December 13, 2008


kill her kill her ~ zombie LOL

its really a very cincai formal look of me ~ hahaha

Yesterday went to Yee Shan at 11 am to pratice our press conference that will be perform at 2.30pm ~ after that we realise Sing Ee's car plate stolen by people =_= dunno who so useless stole her car plate ~ curse him/her . curse . curse . curse ~ hehe then we go to school at around 2.00pm walking from block d to block b with high heel ~ owh ... then we get everything prepared after Cassie's group and we will start our press conference of the movie - Quarantine...seriously i am not nervous at all ... but when Peter record and took our photo so closely ...he scared me off ! duh ~ he was like putting the camera sooooo close , like blocking your sight ... btw he used his laptop to record ... and u eventually can see ur own face through the screen ... so swt and makes me blank for a while ... =__= luckily our video successfully scared Ginny and Yuen Ching !! wahaha Ginny so funny when scream... hahaha ~ before we end our video , we also play a video of our own version of Quarantine that record in Yee Shan house ... That is soooooo funny even tutor said our acting is good ! hahaha ...

After that , we went to Tesco to buy something .... then Yuen Ching suggested to eat SUSHI KING !! i already bankrupt and she still say go eat ~ ahhh then nvm lor , i didnt eat ... i just eat wasabi and drink green tea ... lol ~ then Yee Shan give me a piece of sushi ~ hahaha thank you very much ... after that , Yuen Ching order another fish and ask whether wanna share ... i hesitated so long and refuse to share ! wahahaha ~ paiseh because im really out of money ... then , they give me several pieces of fishy fishy ~ LOL ~ so funny and paiseh ...after that , we went back home and recieved Jaraldine msg that she will sleep overnight at my place ... then i quickly tidy up my messy room ~ and accidentally found a almost dead lil cockroach in my shoes...but then Jaraldine keep on call my name at downstairs.. then i am so nervous and scare ... dunno throw the cockroach first or help Jaraldine first ... then i accidentally throw the shoe out from my window =___= so swt ! LOL ~ we talked like for 10 mins and i have to go for assignment discussion at Yee Shan's house again ...

tengok tiga orang ini ~ tengah buat apa ?

while working hard on the POLC assignment ~

masih tengah tengok magazine !!

Everyone was so tired and we lay on the bed and discuss the assignment ... LOL ~ then we change venue for discussion ~ we went to Sing Ee's house because her house got nobody and we can use her wi-fi ~ once again , i nearly fell down from the stairs in her house !!!! after that , all of us work hard and do the assignment that gonna pass up on Monday ~ time past so fast , i am so sleepy yet have to do it no matter what ... ahhhh ~ then we keep on played rock songs while doing it ... If we played slow and blue songs , i think we will be sleeping in front our laptop ... Phew ~ we finally finished it at 5.00 AM !!!! my pimples popped out again lar ~~ T__T the important part is Jaraldine eventually is sleeping alone in my room ~in other words , she just borrow my bed but not sharing bed with me ... hahaha ~ she keep on rush me go back ... sorry i couldnt ~ =D

Today i skipped all the classes and tutorial because i really very very tired ! and im sick !!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN !!!!!!!!! SORE THROAT AND FLU ~~

[ We are Super Woman , arent we ? ]


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