Nightmare ...

Monday, December 22, 2008


So swt ... i had a nightmare just now ... =_=

i rarely have nightmare ... i think this is the second times ...

if im not mistaken , the last nightmare i had was 3 years ago ...
well , this nightmare is so unbelievable and turn me into moody ... =(
Today i just knew that Thursday and Friday will have no classes ...They knew it last week ,
today i only started to scream "YEPPIE" ! LOL ...
Yea ... its a bit late ~

I havent know which day i will go back or i didn go back ~

Just depend on my friend , Allen whether got presentation ?~

Christmas eve ...

Where will i be at ?

Who will i celebrate with ?

No idea at all


Life is so miserable ....

Nobody to talk to ... except my bloggie ~

Yea , i love to express through my bloggie ...

its the only source i can relief stress ....

Phew ~ all by myself .....

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