Happy Birthday , Allen

Monday, December 15, 2008


Happy Birthday ~

we ate it using our mouth ~ without any forks and spoons !
Dinner ~[ he cooked ]

Our present - Fossil for you and Guess for me ~ Thank you and you are welcome

He is a smartie ... so planned for his birthday suprise was sooooooo difficult , plus he always realise if i bluff ... SO ! i spinned my head and squeeze my brain everyday to think about it... At last , i just give him abit of suprise and abit of touching ~ i guess .. i cooked him a plate of fried rice , no no no its 2 plate of fried rice ... its my first time fried rice ~ pheww ~ when he at home , i need to cook rice secretly without letting him know ... So , i get an idea .... i stole two cup of rice into my room , and then even stole the rice cooker into my room.... after that , i wash rice in toilet !! wahahaha ... thank god u didn stomache...

=( well , kk , ck and sl came suprisely without let me know~ so swt swt swt ! while i was chopping carrot , they suddenly appeared outside my door ~ walao ... really freaked me out .. then we went westlake and sang him a birthday song ... after that they bought a bottle of beer and all of us share ~ then dunno why they came out an idea - play truth or dare ! then , we went back and they went back hometown ~ and left us two again so bored while he is so happy recieving and appreciating ppl wishes for him ... we planned to go sing K ~ but keep on delay delay delay till 12.30 am only go out ... then we went 21st centuries have 2 bottle of beer and chit chat a while ... after that , we went westlake again to watch meteor rain ~ we wait and chit chat till 4 am ....i think he drunk ....because he very emotional .... then we watch a very fast light fall from the sky .... we dunno issit meteor ~ maybe .... then go back and sleep liao lor ....

On the next day , i woke up very late ~ and have 2 pieces of cake that i bought for him as our breakfast ... then we planned to go out , but then RAIN !!! spoilt my mood and everything ! OK FINE THEN we go back and play candles .... we light the candles and went into room ... thank god my room door is open widely , if not our house might on fire ! the TESCO CANDLES could burned the table !!! so SWT !! i prefer Ikea candles much better !! Im sorry that Edmund's table have 3 black burned stain ~ after that , we cook for our dinner ~ fish + pork and noodles ~ pretty cool that i washed the wok till hand pain ~ thats all for his birthday .... hope he enjoyed it ... Happy Birthday , Allen !
[ p/s : im sorry ]


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