Dangerously Fun

Sunday, December 7, 2008

So should u go through when u see both green and red lights glow at once ?

Slim Mickey

FAT Minnie

aww i look ugly ...

regret tat i didnt buy this shorts !

Today.... Ahhemm being a bad girl ~

LOL once again i spent rm 350 !!! headache ... i gonna starve for this month again ~ nevermind ! because i can lose weight !!!

I realise that speeding is really fun besides the oil also run very fast ! overall , today was a very fun day and i love it very much ~ ! Too bad just we have no time =(( i cant wait to see my lovely shirt ~

tomorrow will be having a bbq party for seng le's birthday ~ its a green shirt day , so everyone will be in GREEN ! too bad i cant eat anything because im still SICK !!! very very SICK !! cut my nose off pls ! duh ...

Sorry daddy , im being a spendthrift !! noo ~~ T_T


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