Christmas !

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Just went back from school , then i started to pack my bags ~ going to ipoh count down with friendssss ... LOL stay overnight there ~ around 5 o clock , Louis come and fetch me with Jar and his doggie , Buddy ~ when arrived there, we went to Louis house for dinner with her mom and sis ~ tasty ~~~~ then we meet with two friends of Louis which is Bobo and [Fei Po] <<-- they called her like that ... not me =_= then we hop into the car and start to plan where to go ... then Fei Po suggest that we go Penang... then nobody disagree and everyone seems very excited ~ so we started to fly our car to Penang at around 9.30 pm ~ speechless ~ geng ...

Sit in the car for so long and finally we arrived at around 11.45pm !! we quickly go to Gurney there count down ... well , we dont know how to go so we go and ask for someone and a very kind guy guide us there ~ phewww thanks alot ... when we arrived Gurney ... there was like SO MANY peoples !!!! crowded !! then we gotta find a parking , lucky us found a parking ! yeapie !! a lots a lots of ppl !! very fun ... and a lot of "lalas" and "seafoods" too ... =__= so many good looking guy wear so LALA !!! what a waste !!! the most important is that i never expect to meet my ex there ... but we did ... LOL ~ no change except cuter than before ... then we walk along to MCD to buy a drink and some fire crackers then walk back ... LOL !! many ppl playing with the snow spray ~ even spray on us ... some childish even chase and run along the road while SO MANY people looking at them ... =___= ahhh looking at those couple hugging while walking or kissing while walking ... aiya ! what type of couple oso got ! so KEK aaa ~ holding hands and swing their hand like never swing before ~ hold their hands like never hold before ... kiss here kiss there .... hug here and there .... so "BO SONG" !!! hmph !!! when i get one bf , we will kissing while walking ! holding hand like super glue ! hug each other like stick together !!! HEMPH ~ when i get one first la ... T_T

i am lazy to describe others ~ lol !! around 2.00 am , we start our journey going back to ipoh and we stuck at the traffic for one hour and half ! im too tired so i slept in the car ... when i wake up , we were just arrived the toll of Penang ! at last , we arrived home at 5 am + ! =__= so swt ... hahahaha but overall it is a great experience ! yeah ! fun christmas !!

In next early morning , we have to wake up on 8 am ~ to enjoy Louis singing in the church ! hahahahahahaha i cant really hear her voice ... while listen to them , Jar and i fall asleep ~ and they found out ! Aiksss ~ embarrassing !! then we went for lunch at Kok Thai Restaurant... and we went back Louis's house to SLEEP !!!

Just when im in sweet sweet dream .... suddenly i recieved a msg from Allen that he is going back on 6.45pm due to some reason and it already 5pm ... SO SWT !! i was like wtf ? i havent prepared and im still in Ipoh .... at night , i still need to discuss assignment with Yee Shan ~ then i have to call Yee Shan told her everything , thank god , she help me do everything d ... phewww !! thanksss ! and i have to wake Louis up and ask her to fetch me back Kampar ... SO PAISEH !! Her mom planned to cook us a dinner and they have to cancel because of me ... ahhhh so paiseh !! then we quickly rush back .... flying car ~ and finally we manage to hop into the bus back to Teluk Intan at 6.45pm !! PHEWWWWW ~ thank god ... but everything is so so rush .... It is the last bus back so we are really lucky ...the bus is soooooo empty and there was only 3 passengers ... me , allen and another uncle .... so creepy !! even worst when the sun goes down.... while we chit chatting , suddenly Allen look out the window and stunned , then i am so curious what the heck he is looking at , so i turned over and saw 3 to 4 white tanglungs in the estate ... nobody there and so so dark ... there was only the tanglungs left there .......... Allen said no people so he want to take a photo ... i look at him deeply and ask are you sure you want to take photo ? Suddenly both of us felt so creepy and scare ! hahaha ~ the bus just look exactly like those ghost bus in movie .... old and dirty , the light somemore dirty and dark , also a bit reddish ... aiyerrrrr ~ Geli Geli Geli !!

So thats it ... =D


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