Wednesday, December 10, 2008

living with 3 guys in a house , everything gotta do it like a good girl ~ i cant be wild girl ... anyway i hope i can bra-free and walking around but thats impossible ! hahahaha ! oh god.... so tired to wear it ~ a sudden feelings to write it , bcoz jus now forgotten to wear bra ... and happily step out from the room ... then suddenly feel so "light" , then ... step back and *ahhemm* =___=
today so unlucky ! i havent poo for like 5 days if not mistaken ~ then sing ee brought me to the nearest pharmacy and bought a poo poo medicine ... then i ate it till now, havent work la.... what happened to my lil intestine !!! after that , when i happily walking up to the stairs and i FELL DOWN from the stairs ... and i broke my sandals ! damn !! my elbow so pain ... grrr , i know its funny but it is just soooo unlucky ! thank god nobody was around , so embarrassing ... duh ~
i plan not to eat for tomorrow ... i will drink lots of water !!
wish me good luck , i am a good planner okay ?


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