Before Its Too Late

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I heard a story from my mom that one of her friend get 3 cancers at once ... i was like OMG =_= i know that auntie but i dislike her when having trip with her in HK .... i dunno why , just the first impression of her is really bad for me .... she is quite fat , yea honestly =_= i heard my mom said now she is slimmer than my mom ~ i was like HUH ?!? SERIOUS ?? and her status now is like the end of the disease ... and heard that her daughter have to stop studying in college or uni because of financial problem .... she is not rich so .... im so sorry to hear about that , its sad that she is still young ~ i think younger than my mom !! 40+ only ... i felt sorry for them even though i doesnt like her .... There are some reason that she get cancers .... she take diet pills and some voodoo story ... complicated ~ dunno which is true , but i believe diet pills will affect her health .... when i know she take diet pills and become like this , i really freaked out !! because i got take diet pills before but just for a week if im not mistaken .... my mom told me that im having constipation and easily get colon cancer ~ and then she said last time i ate a spagetthi that i microwave it in a tupperware that cannot be microwave it .... when i ate it , it taste bitter and i thought the vege bitter but i dunno it is poisonous !!! chemical substance ~ my mom asked me u eat many of it ? i said a little bit only , actually .......... i ate it all !!! end of the bowl !!!!!! Soooo depress la .... am i dying soon ? ahh very scare ... then today Alvix told me a girl having too much of water to diet and died .... i was like WHAT ? OMG ! i was the one who drink lots of water to diet !!! ALAMAK !!! i am very scare that i might died so suddenly ! ahhhh nothing is impossible ~ i am very very worried , so i must appreciate and cherish what i've got before its too late .... T__T ~ dun waste time , i think my body really got problem ... my mom said gonna bring me for body check soon ~ but when ? Everybody must treasure and cherish our loves one before its too late ... i love my family and friends !!! i dunwan lost them before its too late , and its too late for regret !!! T___T Also , god bless her ! hope she get well soon ....


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