Saturday, November 1, 2008

Seng Le drove 130 km/h ~ so fun that everyone put on their seat belt even behind seats XD , Well i sit in front , thats y i will be the first to put on the seat belt ... When there is no car on the road ... He just simply hold the steering and twist to the left and right ... whole car just like losing control ... one word to describe - FUN !! whole car just screaming ! yeah ... then we pretend like those lalas turn the volume of the music to the max ! LOL ...

But then ... once we turn to another road ...

There is a police road block ... =___=

Luckily , he managed to brake and slow down his car ~ Phewwww .... Then , the police blocked us and asked for license ... Then , he let us go ... Know why ? Because there is nothing let them charge ... Everyone put on their seat belts include behind passengers.... LOL !!

Then , He brought us to a shop that "paint" by ppl ~ Some says that the shop owner owe ppl money , so somebody paint his shop into red =( i tot it would be something that looks like drama ... big splash of red paint ... Mana tahu , just 3 or 4 splay of red paint ... =__= i think its economy inflation , thats why they save $$ =__=


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