Smilling Pasta

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Last Sunday , Allen and I come back quite early from hometown .. then my mom fetch us to Tesco ... We decided to cook PASTA ! It a shape of sea shell ... Erm dunno what its name , so just called it as Pasta .. =) We bought many things ... Over RM70++ ~ my dad paid for it *winks* when we were back , we started to cook our dinner at 2.30pm .. This is a typical pasta...there are alot of different style and element ... later u will know ...

First , we de-bone the fishy fish .. well , im not good at it , so it is Allen's job ! and i grind the meat ...he teased me and said im not as good skill as him... AHHEMM ... we got 3 types of meat ... fish , chicken and pork ~after that i slice the tomato into pieces while Allen start to fry egg ...then i rinse and wash the mushroom and so on ... After that , he fry a little bit of pork , chicken and fish that supposed to be boiled... Then i do the boiling job.. AFTER THAT ......... I dont know how he hold the spatula...He got a great skill and can make the spatula from the wok to the ground and on my feet ! of course .... i SCREAMED ! well luckily i am safe and scar free ... if not ... * Cough * Ahhemm ... After that ... we cooked the spagetthi sauce and put all those meat and bili bala thing inside and cook for a while ... oh ya we boil the pasta before that .. LOL ~ we finished our cooking after 2 hours ... i think half and hour is playing with those food =_= , eat while cooking ... with the reason of "TESTING MAKAN" ~ hahahaha 1/4 of the meat , let us eat while cook and wash plate ... ahaha ... take a look at it and u will know how special it is .... =D

The ingredients : Pasta , Spagetthi Sauce , Tomato Paste , Meats , Fish , Pork , Egg , Ikan Bilis , Black Pepper ~

(p/s: its TASTY !!)


Carenlie said...

wah look so delicious!
next time cal me oso la!

Sue said...

okay ~ no problem ^^ hehe

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