A Moment With Your Kakiis

Thursday, November 13, 2008


On the way ~

The gun shoot at his shirt ~ [ sorry for the ugly price tag ]

The formal shirt

He is trying to act cute

The Best Shot



Sticking On The Wall

Arrested !

Woi Woi Woi ~ checking the price lar

Hohoho ~ My Kakiis

Acting serious je...

We look so FAIR

What u think i gonna do to u ? huh ??

Talking to my hair =_=

Talking to his hair =___=

Focus on me ~



Pig Pig Pig

Dark huh ?

Woi Woi Woi ~ Tengok Sini ...

What had you done yesterday that your hand shake till so ...

Cute worker cleaning the escalator

Bored !

Look very old meh ? i dont think so..

Yesss ~ We shop again ~ and this time is really impressive yet headache ... Allen and i went to Parade ... Gosh ! the shop there really not suit me larrr ~ i am going bored to death shopping at there ... what a boring shopping mall ~ I prefer Jusco more !
in the early morning , we suppose to wake up on 8 am but at last wake up at 10 a.m ~ However , Allen , the sleep god need around 10 minutes to wake him up ~ then he so slow , touch this touch that .... then 11 a.m d~ the problem is we need to walk to the bus stop under the hot sun ! babe , its killing me ~ wear pretty also useless because keep on sweating ~ zzZzz ~ Then we went for seven-eleven for breakfast ~ Suprisely i met my friend , Lalazai ~ he is going to ipoh tooo ~ he is going with Rae, Miacco them ~ unfortunately i cant join them because we got our mission to be accomplish at Parade and they went to Jusco ( wish i was there ) ... So ~ =(

Around 1 hour + , we finally arrived there and ride another bus to Parade ~ the voice of " PARADE PARADE PARADE MARI MARI MARI ! " no doubt , that is the bus ! The first thing u saw inside the bus is smoke + geli man ~ I think their latest fashion is PUNK or GOTHIC ! Oh pls , if u r not that type , dun try it ~ never ~ Guess what i saw ? I saw they put black nail polish , they didn cut their nails =_= and soo dirty ~ okie then they draw eyeliner ~ and draw till like 3 days didnt sleep ~ they draw it till so thick ~ sooooooo funny to look at them ~ and somemore wax their hair like never comb their hair before , besides, they match their attire with a pair of SANDALS !! XD ~ the thing i hate the most is that they SMOKE ! $@#$%@%$ ~

At last , we finall arrived Parade ~ We brought a lot of $$ thats why its so windy when we walk ~ LOL ! Then , we go to Popular to buy a book for my mom as birthday present ... and the most shocking thing is we saw a "Ah Gua" ~ Wear so sexyyyy ~ but not pretty at all ... i am so lazy to describe him/ her... Just skip those boring part ~ then ,we start our hunting ~ coz we have been keeping money for some time and this the time !! He bought 2 shirt and i bought a formal shirt , a tee and a short pant ~ not very pricey so i will just take it ~ =D after we playing camera and posing in the fitting room for sometimes , we started to feel hungry ~ ahh starving.... after we paid the money and we headed to a steamboat restaurant ~ We try Tomyam and Herbal Soup this time ~ Tomyam Soup not very nice , i prefer Herbal Soup... Then there is an event at the stage there ... a singing competition ~ Oh my Godness ~ those kid are not singing but screaming for their throat ! just simply so NOISY ~ Somemore , a auntie sing a song like for funeral ... so swt larr ... the music and tempo just so alike...=__= ~ After that , we start to find present for our friends ~ those fellow really makes me headache coz they was like have everything ~ what did they missed ? Pheww ~ after 2 hours hunting , we finally completed the mission ~ Yes ! we were bankrupt now ...Then , we want to go and sing K but till 8.30 pm , quite late for us to back because we r not driving ... then , we planned to go take big head photo again .. but the frame just simply lousy ...then we just walk for a while and i saw a couple tee so cute , thinking to buy it for one of my friend =) i luv it very muchie ~ yeap i will love to see them wear it ... Before we went back , we went to Starbucks and have a cup of frapuccino ~ and its my turn to give Allen a treat coz last time he treat me Starbucks ... So, now is my turn ~ The frapuccino taste real good and fattening tooo ~ its okay lah , once in a while ... Then we ask for a cab and went back to the bus station ... Unfortunately we have to ride no air con bus back ... And we met Allen's friend at the bus station ... so went back together ... My feet feel so numb after i remove the heels ~ Tired ~~~~~~ I think we will go for the next time again , because i havent buy Allen's present and he havent buy for me yet ... we plan to choose it when we go shopping at Jusco ... coz there is where we belong to... yeapie ~ keeping $$

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