Sex Is Zero

Saturday, November 22, 2008


OMG this movie really laugh my pants off !!
It makes me felt better after watching it ...
I just couldn't stop laughing ...
When they out of egg and they need one for their dinner ...then, one of his friend D.I.Y on the frying pan !! and fried the *ahhemm* !!! wahahaha as he said , the content is the same ... also protein !!
wahahahaha ~ i really let him *zha dao* ~ this movie just too much *bed scene* and quite *horny* ... ermm ~ its okay for me ...
There is lots lots of funny scene yet !!! Whenever i think about it , i also can laugh out ... just cant stop laughing !!
God , this movie just so so funny ... Watch it when u guys free ...
Recommended by Miacco , Tq Tq ~ Haha


Carenlie said...

really funny!
i jux finish it !

Sue said...

hahaha yaa ~ so so funny !

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