My 18th Birthday !!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Meet Alvix ~ My Buddy

His ex ex rumour gf , Yin Shia

The convienient of Internet + MSN Messenger !

Donut that he gave to me ! Thx ~ !

Allen eating my stuff !!

Edmund too ~ =__=

and its empty !

Woo Hoo ! Its 28th of November 2008 !

Check out his shirt ! Cool ~ wear it for my birthday ! yeapie ~

Gotta study too somehow =(


Focus on me ~

Mi Mi Mi Miacco !!

style="color:#ffcccc;"> Sing Ee and Yee Shyan playing with my multistyler ohh ~ LOL

Cute Cute Sing Ee ~


She had a hairdo ~ cute cute


The cake they bought me ! Thank you ~~ Luv It ! Delicious ~

Where is Sing Ee ~ Aiks

The perfect one !

Cassie dun stand so far away lar ~ LOL


All da pretty ladies !

Just after the marketing test !

This is where he started the lie ! hmph ~

Okayy fine , u won ! with the smallest eyes ! Yay =P

The another birthday cak bought by CK , KK and Seng Le !

KK u are going to over draft bank ! haha

Lotsa ppl queue-ing up ~ lets take a photo !

Ck Allen KK and Seng Le ~ At Kenny Roger Roaster

Delicious !!

My turn ~


Cute Cute CK !

Flirty Seng Le ~ Adorable - nye ~

Handsome KK !

Handsome Allen too !

talking to the chicken wont make it alive ~ =__=

Nothing left ~

This is how i look like when im pissed off ~ LOL ~

Leng Lui CK !

Piggy Seng Le ~

Handsome KK ~

Seng Le , Kamu tengah buat apa ?

I want shopping !! Burp*

Look at the eye lash ! pheww its real ~

Acting Cute ~

Huh ?

Very full leh ?

Dont be shy ~ CK

Pretty !

Gonna Eat You Up !

Cute- nye ~ haha

Editing Editing Editing !

1st Shot

2nd Shot

3rd Shot

ALLEN ! Why do u touch like tat ? *Ahhem*


Dont spoilt it pls ~


Old man riding horse ~ Hahaha

Drunk ~

Feeding the kitten with beer ~ LOL

The 1st Couple ! Miko and Jason

The 2nd Couple ! Joyi and Jacky


*Ahhemm* ! sweet-nye ~

Ahhemm !! sweet too ~

Girls Girls Girls !

Drunk babe !

Yee Shyan doing "strawberry" ! aha !

Yuen Ching freaked out ! LOL

Freshly plant "strawberry"!

Hahaha exploring her strawberry ~

Jason playing roller coaster with the kitten ~

Joyi : " sayang sayang "

Miko's baby kitten , Notty

Drunk Yee Shyan and Yuen Ching

My 18th Birthday was full of suprises ~ Pheww !! Thanks To Them !! Love them so much !! I Love Everyone of U ! Yoohoo ~

Lets start with 28 November 2008 -

12.00 AM

The first person who sang birthday song to me is Alvix ~ He purposely drive to kampar to wish me happy birthday ~ and he bring along her ex ex rumour gf here ~ Yin Shia ... Its okay then he give me a box of donuts from Big Apple ~ Btw i am dieting , and he is seducing me ... argh that is sooo fattening !! i control myself and ate a few bite and let Edmund and Allen ate it ... well , the box is still in the refrigerator ..Unfortunately , there was no candle for me ... Feeling down but grateful and touched that they came for me ... and stay overnight here ~ AHHEMM i couldnt accompany him because i got marketing test on the next day ... so i have to continue my study ~ but i have no mood to study ... and i couldnt sleep well for the whole night ... insomnia + stomache ( after ate the donut ) =__= my stomach so pain that i couldnt sleep ~ roll all over my bed to comfort my lil stomach ~ T_T pityful birthday ...

Thanks to those send me sms to greet me - Agatha , Veeiean , CK , Sing Ee , KK , Louis & Jaraldine , Cherrie, Seng Le, Zhi Ying, Ah Mi, Chin Yew, Yar Ser, Jun Fatt, Kay, King Jun , Emily, Hwee En, Mei Kit and others =))


Went to Yee Shyan house to discuss assignment for the 20 facts of press conference ~ Ahhemm , i bring along my multistyler ~ all of them were so happy and the biggest make over is Yee Shyan ~ She so cute with curl hair ... then i busying make up while Ah Mi doing the assignment ! Hahaha ~ Then we went for class at 3.00pm ( actually start at 2.30 pm ) ... Once i entered the class , everyone greet me ! Hahaha ~ so happy and shy =D then , i started to recieve call from Seng Le ~ he keep on call me and i said i got class now , chat later ... after 2 min , call me again.... =__= keep on apologize to me that couldnt accompany me this year for my birthday ~ then he ask me go where tonight with who and wat time ... keep on ask so detail and i started to suspect ~ then i try trap him lor ... but failed ~ LOL ! then that Allen ask me call him and keep on ask tonight until wat time ... then ask me spare more time with him ... okay then i started feel weird because this is not him .. normally he wont so "teh" and just feel so so weird ... i suspect again ! nvm lor after answer Seng Le call again , Ah Mi asked me to go in because tutor got thing want to ask me ... i really believed it ~ Ah Mi acting so good !! then i go into my class and my whole class TB6 sing Happy Birthday song to me with a birthday cake ... LOL ~ i really shocked and dunno what to say ~ but before i enter the class i could hear Ginny yelling " Sue Coming 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 .... " Hahaha ~ Thank you very much ! Thanks for Sing Ee , Ah Mi , Yee Shyan and Ah Tan bought me the cake !! then we quickly rush to block D and eat the cake together with my lovely TB6 ~ Thanks To Ya All !!! Love Ya So Much !


Allen said that we go Hotel there eat dinner ~ walk there ... but its raining then he said he borrowed a car from a friend ... i thought is real ! but when i think deeper , the rain start when we were having test , once he came out from there , he also havent meet her friend to ask her whether can borrow car or not , then how he borrow leh ? Oklah , i am bit of smart k ? i will try to act stupid next time ....hahaha ~then i started to suspect again ! Then the fellow somemore touch this that while i nearly starve till faint ... then when i felt disappointed , he knocked my door and told me that my friend were outside ... dunno who were them ... Then once i open the door ~ I saw CK holding a birthday cake , KK and Seng Le singing birthday song and spraying those dunno what at my face !! LOL ! Sooo SUPRISED ! hahaha ~ thank you all so much !! really touched by u guys... then they fetch me to Ipoh have Kenny Roger Roaster as dinner =) and we took a big head photo ! what a perfect plan ~ Also , i have to rush bck before 10.30pm because i got another group of friend wanna celebrate with me ...Thank you Everyone ! Muaxxx ~


My group TB6 ~ classmate gathered at 21st bar ~ birthday girl will have a bucket of beers for free ~ LOL ~ after a few bottle of beer ~ we started to get high ~ LOL ~ Ginny insist to drink warm water coz she have to drive later ~ while waiting for Miko , Jason , Uncle and Jo Yi , we play poker for a few round ~ Jo Yi bring her bf , Jacky along ~ then jason and miko ~ So sweet-nye ~ they kissing and hugging ~ LOL ~ then Yee Shyan started to drunk and she make a "strawberry" on Yuen Ching's neck !! ahahaha , suppose to be two "strawberries" ~ pity Yuen Ching ~ then she so high till want to kiss us ~ hahaha , after 2 bottle of beer , i started feel unwell and throw out at the toilet ... awww my kenny roger roaster quarter meal WASTED ! then i continue drink my beer ~ i am really full till bloated ~ then just abit of drunk i think ... swing swing swing ~ then talk nonsense and crap ... everyone keep laugh , sing song together ~ so happy ..i think i havent drunk for that time , coz i suddenly remember back i forgot to write some points of marketing !! arghh , i lost so many marks larh !! market targeting ........ gone ..... nvm lar ... then we gossip bout weirdo in our group ~ LOL ~ Ginny is the most funny one ~ Uncle so silent and drinking beer alone there ....being emo ? Phewww ~ this is how my birthday happily ended =)) Thank you all for letting me having so much fun !!
- END -
xoxo ! Love It ~im 18th now !! I can do whatever i want !


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