Happy Birthday Mom !

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Its ur Birthday mama and u r getting older again =D !! well , age doesnt affect much about u , u are still young for me !! ur style not "auntie" , but trendy [ even more trendy than me =( ] so keep it up ~ I love ya so much , sorry cant accompany u this year for ur birthday because i got exam for the whole week ~ this is the special year that i cant celebrate ur birthday with u even sis and bro came back and celebrate ur birthday ... too bad without me , i bet it will lack of fun ! Lol ~ btw i bought u a present and a card ... even though i havent give it to u , i hope u will like it ~ Mom , stop being so violence lar... dun simply get angry , gotta be more happy ~ im a big girl now , i know what to do , i am no longer rely on u like a kid , so dun worry bout me ! i take care of myself ... Happy Birthday , Mom !! Muackzz ~

Besides , thank you Kay (sis) , Jeff ( bro) and Alex ( Sis's bf ) for giving me this present ! i luv it alot even though the bag is quite ....*ahhemm* i think i will not use it ~ coz i dun think it suits me , it is so .... "AUNTIE" !!! Lol ... but i luv the dress =)) , i am still working hard to lose weight ! Thanks Alot ! Love u all ~ ~ ~

Okayy , its time to get back to study ~ 3 subjects for this week ! phewww , sweatin it out !!

[ p/s: 3 days to go =)) ]


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