Happy Birthday Miacco !

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy Birthday Miacco !!

Last Friday, its our last tutorial class for the week and we couldnt stay back to celebrate Mi's birthday on the next day ... So Sing Ee and I bought a birthday cake for her ... I am so worried while waiting for Sing Ee come because of the cake ... Then we went to the cafeteria and borrow a lighter from a uncle ~ Luckily he is kind to lend us ... pheww ~ coz we forgotten to bring our lighter... While having the class , i secretly sent a sms to everyone (not everyone actually ) and asked them to stay back to sing a birthday song to Mi ~ Then , at once u could hear many ppl's hp rang ~ LOL !! Then , i asked Yee Shyan to "geh si geh si " ask Mi to go toilet so that we go time to light up the candle ... Then , Sing Ee , Yee Shyan and Ah Tan asked Mi go toilet then run out from the toilet while Mi is pee-ing =__= hahahaha ~ Then we turn off the light and lock the door while waiting for her ... Then when she come in , all of us ( Sing Ee , Yee Shyan , Ah Tan , Uncle , Yuen Cheng , Jason , Miko , Sin Yee , Tweety , Jo Yee , Cassie , Ginny and Sue ) sing birthday song for her ... Hahaha ~ Then we share the cake together with Yee Shyan , Sing Ee , Mi , Sue and Ah Tan ... Sorry for others coz its too small =( When we were eating , Jar and Louise passed by , ahaha i heard her sound before she came , i was just joking ask her to go away , did not invite her ... mana tahu , when i go out to let them eat my cake for 2 bites , they are gone ... =( LOL luckily they didn angry , coz i just joking laaa ~

Last but not least , Happy Birthday Miacco ! Hope ur dreams come true , always together with ur Sum Sum ... =) and pretty always ...


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