Cockroaches Attack !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today was like my fate to meet cockroach !

Case 1 : Yuen Ching bring a fake cockroach to scare us ... mission failed ! haha , but Ginny scare till dun even dare to touch it ... Then they scare our tutor ... Rekha ( management studies tutor ) screamed and laughed !! LOL ~! then we started to take photo with the fake cockroach...

Case 2 : We went to Yee Shan's house for assignment discussion ~ jumping and playing around ... she cooked us a very special mushroom soup with her bf ~ love's mushroom soup really extraordinary ~ taste different (maybe XD) then he put egg , carrot , sausages , fish ball and also she and her bf love into the soup ~ Special right ? ( should i say weird ? ) LOL... Before that , i also had a porridge from Allen.... should i call that a porridge ? looks more like rice , i think ... But taste niceeeee too... At around 12.30am , we sing for the last song 林俊杰-我还想她 and decide to go back... BUT THEN WHEN WE WANNA ENTER THE CAR , SUDDENLY SING EE SCREAMED AND POINT AT ME SAY COCKROACH !! I quickly jump out from the car and run away .. Ah Mi and I so scare while Sing Ee keep on scream and laugh ... Then , here come the Yee Shan... She not scare at all and use a broom to catch cockroaches ~ Sooo Sooo Sooo Funny !! We checked the whole car again , again and again... then find 2 cockroaches but let them slip away ... Ah Mi and I soooo scare and we sit silently .. scare the cockroach might come out ... LOL ~ then we go 7-11 to buy panadol ... Sing Ee tell the worker that her "kelapa" sakit ! laugh till us nearly faint ... LOL ~ after that , we went home safely ....... Pheww ~ =D

So , did i dated the cockroach so unexpectedly ?
Photo Of The Day ~

[ M & J ~ dun kill me =X ]


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