Being A Pesticide

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Their name is Daddy Long Legs Spider , pretty cool name ...

Just now .... suddenly realise there was so many spiders and web on my walls ~ i was like surrounded by them ... So , i decided to clean it .... It was terrible ... well , its my first time to face so many spider webs ... Aduh ... i used a broom to sweep them away ... then those spiders drop on my floor ... then i have to chase them with broom ... [ imagine it ] they have 8 legs and i have 2 legs only lar .... Also , they so tiny ~~ im scare to kill them coz i scare their "juice" stick on my floor !! soooo disgusting ... so , i just catch them with my broom and open the balcony door and let them go... Too bad there was 2 spiders killed accidentally because they run so fast and i wanna catch them .... then hit too hard and they died =__= , I'm sorry ~ ! T_T the floor so disgusting.. even though the "juice" very little only ... =__= nvm lar ... there was another naughty spider , when i catch it , it drop from the ceiling to my BED !! then i screamed and catch it with my broom ! Pheww luckily , if not , today i will be very very busy changing mattress again !
Also , when i sweping those spider webs ... Those mosquitoes trapped inside was like out from jail ... They fly around my head and seems like saying " YEAH ! WE ARE SET FREE !! " Okay fine , i planned to use mosquito electric swatter to kill u guys up ... just lazy to take it ~ so i will just let u guys go ... dear mosquitoes , do not disturb or sting me in the middle of the night or else tomorrow u all will be dead !

Besides , i oso found out there was little spiders ... they were in yellow colour and small in size ... of course i want to catch them but couldnt because they are too small and run very fast ... When they run , dunno why i started get nervous and i simply take a sprayer to spray at it ... I tot it will faint or died ... But they didnt and eventually run even faster !! Its because i used Air Wick ( Air Freshener ) =___= to spray at them ... dunno why i used it , i just grab it and spray =____= Sooo silly !!

Actually , i quite scare of them (spider) because i hate insects but its not phobia !! Btw u will hear yelling and screaming voice came out from my room .... i am afraid yet hate them ... so i must shoo them away ... So So So busy ... Then, i mopped my room because they left some "juices" on my floor ... ewwww =((

After that , when i go to bath ... i found out there was a moth flying in my toilet ... i tried to "guide" it to window there ... but it just keep on flying ... eventually like chasing me =__= .... then i screamed again ... because it keep on fly towards my body ... Duh ~ now it still in my toilet ... dunno how to get it out from there ... i doesnt want to kill it neither ... So, think about it ...

Lastly , hope that 2 unlucky spiders rest in peace ... God bless u 2 =X


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