Bad Day

Friday, November 7, 2008

What the ... recently did i offense any god ? Duh ~ seems like everything are against me ...many things to annoy , webpage design assignment ... marketing and management studies ~ while handling these stupid things , yet i have to prepare for my mid term test for the next 2 weeks ~ what the ! whatever , i am going insane soon ~ Today my practical tutor was like rushing to somewhere else for reborn or wat ! we do 2 case for 2 hours , what u expect more ? we couldnt follow up and teach like was teaching for himself ... where are u rushing to go ? nobody can follow up and just keep scolding bad words .. WTF u somemore said us couldnt pass our assessment next week ! I SWEAR I WILL PASS IT !! Dun look down on us , u son of the xxxx ! I am getting angry when the tutorial for writting for mass comm , wat the so many activites ... writting reports ~ okayy fine ~ and cooperate with *ahhemm* , so swt !! OKAY FINE ! I dunno what the heck is going on ! Besides , my laptop didn have Adobe Photoshop after i changed to Vista ... What the .... The stupid repairman , i had inform u to install Adobe Photoshop for me ! MUST !! But then , u give me so many stupid games for wat ? now i need design my layout for my assignment and many more !! Then i have to borrow laptop from Allen ~ Wtf then he need to use also .... Then i have to wait he sleep i only can use his laptop ... @$#^&R^W#$ stupid brainless repairman !! Then , recently argue with my friends %^E#%@@ what the heck , i dunno whats wrong with him or me ! it is making head burst ! Financial Problem + Relationship + Stress = Insane ! So many problems and i have to take it as my fault ... What the .... I hate myself !! I dunno which mother fucka will ruin my days again !!! Also , even a guava also want to make me angry !! i ate a spoilt guava !! WHAT THE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can see the brownish creepy crawly moving here and there ! What is My Problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i need some fresh air to cool down myself !

(p/s: consolation needed)


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