All Alone Again

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


How do you describe loneliness ? i am pretty sure about it , coz i am all alone now ... i am all alone now .. never felt so silent before ... the only way is to put the volume of the music to the max , just pretend i am not alone , at least i got music ~ but im bored of them already ... Nobody's home ... Everyone gone out , where can i go ? I need someone to talk to ~ i hate it when i am all alone , so this the reason that i always go out ... no doubt i am a outgoing person ... So , get ur ass off the chair and look for me ! The only song to describe my feelings is Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne ...

# open your eyes and look inside, find the reason why , u've been rejected and now u cant find whats u left behind, be strong be strong , too many many problems , dunno where she belongs ... She losing her mind , she is falling behind , she cant find her place , she is losing her faith , she falling from grace from all over the place , she is lost inside ~ #

(p/s: loneliness killed )


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