Sushi King Member Day

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The power of SIX !

Its SUSHI KING MEMBER DAY ~ owhh , I've been waiting for so long because all sushi cost RM2 ( selected only ) !!! woo hoo ! I go there with Sing Ee , Cherrie , Jaraldine , Louise and Zoe , actually we meet Miacco , Rae , Caren , Lala Alvan and many at there , They sit next to our table only ^^ We ate alott ~ We wait for our favourite UNAGI , SALMON , SAKE , TAKO and EBI FRY for around half an hour ... because the "sifu" still doin and ask us to wait ... the "sifu" ask us to eat expensive wan , then keep introduce this and that , he talks alot ! Duh... quite annoyed ! However , when he finish making those sushi we ordered then he put in front of us ... We were like grabbing for free ~ haha , We were actually snatching sushi with Rae , Miacco them ... coz those expensive sushi are limited only ... UNAGI and EBI FRY !! DELICIOUS ~ !!!!! I ate 7 plates and only cost RM14 and the normal price should be RM35 !! wohooo ~ ! Louise and I are the WASABI-lovers !! Wasabi makes the sushi taste better ! Still thinking to go again tomorrow ! Coz its the last day of member day ...
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