Sungkai ~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last week , Seng Le fetch us go to Sungkai ( Denise , CK , Allen and me ) ~ we start our journey at 8 am because mr froggie just woke up when we arrived his house ~ and luckily Mr Slow get ready on time ~ Then , we start our journey , listen to Seng Le's cold jokes and laughing all the way ~ We stop at Bidor to have our breakfast ( Wan Tan Mee ) ~ then , there is a girl from the next table keep looking at Denise , Seng Le and Allen and smile at them ... hahaha , Denise felt afraid and keep asking why he keep smiling at us... then we quickly leave there and headed to Sungkai ... the important thing is when we leaved , we peek at her , and she look at them and smile again ~ LOL !

After that , around 30 minutes , we arrived SUNGKAI ! Yeah ~ this the second time i went there ... We go to the ticket booth to buy tickets , then Seng Le said that Denise , CK and him got special offer because ~ Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) , Children below 12 years old and Elders got special price ~ Seng Le pretend as OKU , while Denise pretend as Elders and CK pretend as Children below 12 years old ... Hahaha ~ After get it , Seng Le park his car and we went to toilet to change clothes ~ the toilet is FULLED of people ~ its school holiday so... then we quickly go to the warm water area to "warm up" ourselves ....We were like doing spa with insects... what kind of insects oso got ... then we climb up a big rock where the water flow out...then, there is a uncle feeling the water from where we climb up and we put our feet there is so gross ~ then ,... ( Swt , accidentally cut =___= , so lazy to type again )

Mooo ~

Weird thing =___=

Denise and I

Seng Le and I

Allen and I

CK ~

Unique Bird

All it needs is freedom

Behind me .....



Dunno what bird

Introducing ~

LOL what does that mean ?

Whoops !

Then , we went to have our lunch at a BLACK shop ! I really think that we were cheated by them ~ there are 5 persons and the foods are for 2 persons serve... somemore cost RM38 !! Kek sei ... Then , we went to Pusat Hutan Dan Haiwan Peliharaan and trying to look at some animals ~ But there is really nothing to see ... =____= except for MOSQUITOES ! Then we leave there at around 4 pm ... Before we went home , we went to Denise house and sleep like pigs ~ all of us sleep like dead except for Seng Le... Haiyor non stop talking ~ we want to sleep and he keep on make us laugh...we sleep until 6 pm only back ~ Its a very happy journey ! Don't know when will be our next trip ...



Seng Le


Hello !

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