A Sudden Decision - Teluk Batik

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Teluk Batik !! Denise suggest to go to Teluk Batik an hour before we decided to go ~ because the time is rush ~ so, we started to pack our clothes at 12pm ~ 1 pm then we started our journey ~ Denise fetch us go , his driving kinda smoothly ~ steady ~ XD then the most exciting part is we drive to a very oblique road ~ so cool yet dangerous ! Everyone screamed ~ then they started to explore where their PLKN kem is , and i told them where my OBS camp located ~
The wave was BIG ! CK wrap by the BIG wave ~ unfortunately, she lost her specs ~ then three of us help her to find back her specs ~ well its was like impossible , but i step something that feels like specs ! Then i scream at them , Denise and Jackson swim over here and keep on step step on the sand ~ Denise also step something that feels like specs ~ then a BIG wave swirl over us ... Denise and i nearly drowned ~ phew ! Luckily we are holding hands , if not , i dunno where will we wave to ... the wave getting bigger so its getting harder to search for her specs , however , we still insist look for it , we dig sand by using out feet ~ and i get injured due to the BIG wave rush us to seaside , and the sand are so sharp ~ my leg get brush burn ~ so pain when the sea water splash on my wound ! the feeling was like OMG ! then once again , i wave to far far away again ~ the wave was really abnormal ! really huge ! Luckily Denise catch me just in time , if not , u might find me waving in the sea ... I drank lots of sea water ! so salty !!! i still can feel the salty sea water in my throat ~ aiks >.<" ! After that , we covered Denise with sand ~ Its embarrassed to cover his important part ... haha ~ i throw sand on him ... hahaha ~ then , he revenge on me by throwing sand on my chest ... Lastly , we filled our plastic bottle with sand and sea water ... then dunno who suggest childish and stupid to make a wish on the plastic bottle and bury in the sand ... no paper , no notes or pen ...each of us hold the plastic bottle and tell the plastic bottle our wishes ... so swt =___=" ~
Besides, we went to the national navy place , it was like a small city , got alot of ppl and flat , even petrol station ~ We also found out a snorkelling park ~ it looks fun ~ we will go there next time ...Here we go ~

Sunblock is important !!

Denise and me

Jackson and me

Big wave , baby ~

I look hideous ! Look at Jackson ... XD

Denise and Jackson

Surfing sand ?

Aiyor ~

Sandman !

Sandwoman =___=

one , two , three and four ~

1 , 2 , 3 & 4

Toilet talk ~


Waiting them ...

CK , me , Denise & H.En



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