Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yesterday night , Seng Le fetch us go to eat supper ~ Char Kuew Tiao ~ After that , We insist to go for adventure at Golden Sand , this riverside got many mystery tale and legend ~ Some say there very creepy , many peoples died there , plus , many ship leave port from here , rarely come back ~ dunno whether its true or not , but i think its fake wan lah ~ Actually, we just wanna have fun and trick Seng Le... Then we keep making noise in the car , insist wanted to go there for adventure ~ and its around 12 am ! Then he got something to do and need to go back , however the "something" does not important at all ~ All of us act nhappy , so he have no choice ... he bring us to another creepy place ~ its a abandoned palace ... He drive into the palace ~ then we saw a mercedes and a person closing his /her door ~ then all of us felt curious and "ke po " ... wondering what they doin here at midnight ... So , we asked Seng Le drive faster and followed the mercedes ~ because we suspect that they playing "something" at there ... Hahaha ~ then we followed them for 4 streets ... Besides, Seng Le keep "hon" at them , then they stopped at Speedy there and let us drive through ... They keep look at us, while us keep on look at them ... Hahaha, then Seng Le reverse back and drive back to the palace there , see whether they will go back there and continue their incomplete "mission" ~ However , we waited for 5 minutes and they did not go back there ... Everyone felt quite disappointed ! Haha but we did make a lots of fun ! Seng Le afraid that his car might be famous on the next day because we always do strange thing ... LOL !


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