Spooky Adventure

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Yesterday night , at 9 PM ... 6 of us , CK , Denise , Seng Le , Allen , Jackson and me go to " pa wei" ( end of the road ) , we went to the end of the riverside at night ~ all of us ride motorcycle to the riverside ... then we walk into a path ... a very long and small path ! very very very dark ... there was no light at all .... like jungle trekking ... step on those bushes....then surrounded by trees ... we didn bring torch light , so we take out our phones and turn on flash light ...if not , we cant see the road ...Besides , 6 of us are named as 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 and 6 ~ to prevent "someone" know our real name ...
Then, we start walk into the path ... we cant see the end of the path because its too dark ! Then 6 of us hold hands and walk in together ... On the way , suddenly i heard a sound like a tiger or lion , " GROWL" ~ i was shocked and i pretend i didnt hear it , but i really scared because it is in the bush and i can feel it very near only...Allen also heard it and he said sounds like someone breathing , but others cant hear it ... After that , Denise shout and say very beautiful ... then he found out a tree that full of fireflies ! Very Beautiful , like diamond sparkling ~ the whole tree is fulled of fireflies...there are many many many fireflies ! then Jackson forgot to lock his motor , so we walk back and locked it ... then we walk in again ... Then , when we go further ... i heard another sound , " DUM" ... creepy lah ... imagine it ... because it is riverside path ... Then , i didnt bother it and continue walk with them ... After that, we almost reach a factory , i think it is abandoned factory ... but there is still a long way to go to reach there ... CK and Allen suddenly called us to stop and said dun enter anymore ... Then i stopped and found out there was a banana tree and another small banana tree beside it ... I started to feel creepy and hair stands on end ... Then , we walked back and continue go to palace there walk around ... Palace have nothing to scare of ... Maybe always go there "long kai" gua ... then we go Speedy chit chat about the incident just now ... Allen heard the "GROWL" sound too and he can felt someone breathing and looking at him when he walking , besides, he felt moody after going there because he felt "something" geli geli ... After that , i told Seng Le and Denise about the banana trees incident , because there might be "something" attached on there ... It is very dangerous and the "something" only absorb man's extracts only ... Then , they started to feel scare because they walked quite far just now ... Hahahaha ~ Seng Le started to scare and ask Jackson to stay at his house to accompany him ... LOL ! Then , we ended our adventure with Laksa ~
Yesterday we planned to go Golden Sand , but there are a group of Aunties and Uncle playing mahjung at the temple there ... We afraid that they will scold us for not entering there because it is very dangerous ...So , we changed to another location ... however, dangerous does not affect our adventurer's curiousity ...Next adventure will be at Golden Sand there ... A very long riverside path that somebody died at there...Exciting isn't it ?


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