Sorry , I Love You

Sunday, October 5, 2008


We argue again today ... i dont know how to communicate with you ... this is what stubborn meet stubborn ... I dont know why i would say u are cleanliness ... u are too mind about those dust ... God , just rest for one day , the dust wont eat us away ~ Besides, u can ask me to vacumm if u want ... i will not refuse ~ ( just feeling abit dont want to do ) and i dont know ur hand pain ~ AND AND AND ~ i dont know why u need to vacumm EVERYDAY ~ not necessarily lah my dear ! u even mop the floor everyday ... aiyor i wish i could hire a maid for u ... but u dont want a maid ~ u prefer alone in house ... =_= okie loh , then i oso doesnt want to do housework ... but if u ask me to do so , i will .... but u oso didn ask me to do , then i try to slack off loh ... Then arguement STARTED ! i felt annoyed when i heard ur voice ... aiyor ... bi li ba la bi li ba la ... i endure endure endure and endure ... then , i cant stand and i disaprove u ... then , i started to regret for disaprove u , because u scold more and further till no where ... =__= i know i shouldnt refute u ... Sorry ... i just cant stand and its hard to agree with something that i disagree ... I wish u just go watch tv everyday then i do housework for u , thats okay lah (moderate housework )... but u are too choosy !! u always change clothes , i dun even change when im home , ok lah , need to iron like hell ~ i know u iron for me ... okie , u even fold my clothes ... Sorry loh , i very hate fold and iron clothes ... But u really choosy , where got ppl iron sleepwear wan ?? i dunno why ... think till head burst oso cant figure it out ... Seriously , a small matter , we can argue like BIG matter ! i dont know whats wrong with u , i just too concentrate on my movies and i forgotten to close the windows and curtains ... by the way its only 6.30pm ... when u say , then i also paused my movie and rushed to close the windows and curtains.... but u still insist to nag me ... then i just let u nag , bcoz i know i forgot , its my fault ... but started to drag in others thing ... SWT ~ i really disagree many things with u , but i just kept it in my heart , i refuse to refute u , coz i scared i will hurt u and i doesnt want u to be sad... but , u are crossing my line ! started to scold me for other things that not a matter at all ... just a small matter , why do u take it so seriously ? When i collect dried clothes , i didn put the hanger hanging besides the rack and u started to scold me LAZY ! does these two thing related ?? Our relationship had messed up by HOUSEWORK ! But , i would like to apologize that i said u r cleanliness ( SERIOUS ) ~ Now , we are having cold war but i still wanted to say that i love you , MOM ! muackz ~

(p/s: dont report to daddy , he will kill me X_X )


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