Happy or Sad ?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sem 1 final exam had released ... when i know my result , i felt happy bcoz all my effort and my sacrifice does get repay ... Even though im not hardworking and always skip classes but i does put lot of effort and energy on them ! Thank god , i does not have to resit and get unexpected result (much better than i thought ) .. I believe if i work hard and pay attention to lecture , dun skip classes ~ then i will get better result ! So i must work hard for my second semester ...

However , the happiness i get from my result does not last long ... because i expect they would be good result like me ... So we can celebrate together ~ but ... i really didnt expect that .... I really felt sorry for them , coz we study and do revision together ~ i oso take a break and caused them affected by me ( the drama " Moonlight Resonance " ) Does i should take some responsibility ? i really felt sorry and sad .... U guys just like my brother , i really hope we 3 can successfully complete foundation and degree together ~ we will have lots of fun together , and u 2 are my most trustable friends in Kampar ... I will try my best to help u guys in next semester if i could ... Coz sometimes i also blur blur .. i tried to console both of u ... thank god 1 is in okay mood ( i guess ) while another putting shit and doesnt want to answer my phone call @#$!^%* ... Frankly , im not very happy when i know some friends of mine need to resit ... i cant share my happiness with u all ... sooner later , my happiness turn into sadness ...and i really does not like to compare , i know its okay if u want to know mine ( curiosity ) but normally i ask ppl that i care only ... for those i not really care , pls dun ask me and tell me urs CGPA ... i really doesnt want to know ok ? im not interested in u ... I know u trying to show off , yes u did it ~ so are u happy now ? ( a person i dislike since i entered Uni )
So i think i had learnt a lesson in my first semester ( not to be lazy ) ... do you ? We are lazy bumps ! yes we are ... and spend thrift esp. me and him ... the $$ i spent like flying in sky but not flowing in river ... besides , my concern for u 2 ah , its sincere wan okie ? not fake wan ... But sometimes i think im lil over concern , i guess ... But I really wish you guys really can make it thru for u nex sem and final sem sem have maths ~ well this subject is my fearest subject ~ i also hope we can work hard together ... u might tot im talking crap or shit ... its okay ~ coz i know my consolation technique really POOR ~ i am just trying to help ... If i can do it , so do you , ok ? Im still thinking to give u guys a treat as a consolation ... ( Still hesitating ... ) Good luck for u 2 ~ I will try my best to help u all out , even though i am not a good teacher , bcoz sometimes my teaching is terrible ... making u even blur =_=

( p/s : pls dun be sad and have faith in urself that u can make it ! )


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