Saving $$ Day !

Friday, October 24, 2008


Well , the spirit of dying to shopping without $$ ~ We went for ipoh AGAIN yesterday ~ i didnt skip any class coz my class till 10 am only , plus the lecture talks more crap than notes ~ I really dun understand what he talking bout although i pay attention to him ... Luckily tutor are much much better ! She explained and i just realise how simple it is ~ zzz ~ Okie , bck to topic ... Jaraldine and Louise joined us to go to Ipoh too ~ Then jump out a Cherrie ~

So we waited at the bus stop for around 1 hour and wait for Louise and Cherrie walk to bus stop bcoz they missed the bus ~ =__= i bought a RM1.00 bread and a mineral water ! Really saving money for my ass ~ Duh , it doesnt look like me coz usually i will buy this and that ~ Okie , just save $$ just because i want to spend more in Ipoh ~ we wait wait wait and wait , the bus still havent come yet , so we decided to go to bus station and wait there for the Ipoh bus ~ There we go ~~~

The bus is horrible luh ... first of all ~ HOT and WITHOUT AIR CON ! just because we are in hurry , so we cincai sit this type of bus ... if not , we will be enjoying air con bus ~ all i can say is , my hair are messy and i style my hair for an hour was wasted =___= Hope there will be no next time for such condition anymore ... Cherrie keep on make up in the bus while Jaraldine drinking Louise's milk ~ hahaha ~ Nola , she slept on his arm ... SO SWEET !! At 12.00pm , we arrived Medan Kit and jumped into a bus with a guy who keep shouting for " PARADE PARADE MARI MARARADE PARADE ! " We decided to go Parade just because long time didnt go already ~ That Soh Po Cherrie followed the guy shout " PARADE MARI PARADE" Aiyorrr ~ so embarrassing lahh !! We asked her to marry the guy then they can work together , everyday shout in the bus together ~ LOL ! She ahhh .... no eyes see ~

Finally , we arrived Parade and straight away went to the toilet while Cherrie make up loh ~ Whenever she feel free then she will make up ~ Then we split into two group which is Me and Allen , Jaraldine and Louise coz they go pak tor , Cherrie followed them and gonna be a big light bulb ~ Parade really bored than Jusco , SERIOUSLY ... So many students and "seafood" ~ Allen suggest to go for buffet at the corner shop but then it didnt open , so we went for steamboat instead of waiting for the shop to open ... The rich guy , Allen sooo rich rich rich on that day la ... everything oso he helped me paid ~ But i didn't felt ashamed ( hoho , its a different version ) , just felt paiseh only ...coz owe him $$ ~ Nonono he oso owe me $$ ! Steamboat are nice nice nice and the price are reasonable ! He cant eat any seafood and tofu so i helped him cleaned up and left chicken , noodles , egg and vege for him ... We eat , talk and sit for quite long coz Parade is boring ! nothing to see and shop , so eat is the only way to fulfill the leisure time ... So many students and lalas ~ talk so loud like their shop or home =__= After lunch , we went window shopping again ... and Allen asked me to go for a shop which he named it as Hong Kong shop , actually is Acewin la .. =__= then , he choose those spaghetti straps shirt or dress for me to try it , and ask me to have confidence ... It might be too sexy for me lah , not necessary to wear like this to go out gua ~ i didn't have good body shape ( improving ) , so i felt think its very weird and let ppl laugh ... T_T i even doesn't dare to walk out from the fitting room ... Then i went to F.O.S ! Whoaa just like heaven for me ... i luv everything there !! unlike other shops in Parade ... Once again Allen take those spaghetti straps for me to try ~ Oklo , this look much better ~ i luv the pants but its too big and there is no smaller size ! T_T Then , Allen keep give me hint that this or that so nice and wanted me buy for him as birthday present ... u arh... slowly wait lah har ... Then, we went to a 18xx shop, The Rubber Shop , the second time i go in ~ It is funny to go in coz i saw those word " ENLARGEMENT" and many more ... so funny !!! I love the fluffy hand cuff , it looks cute even though i know its for SM use ... but what i gonna do with it and the price is quite expensive too !

Besides, we have our tea time at Starbucks and he treat me a frappuccino with chocolate chips and whipped cream + caramel ! SoOoOo nicee ! plus a little chocolate banana muffin ! i am suspecting he get 3D or TOTO ?? Give me such expensive treat ~ ? We chat and read magazine , never felt so bored before , usually we didn have enough time to shop in Jusco but its different in Parade ... Hahahah .... Then , Jaraldine and Louise drink watermelon juice if im not mistaken , coz Louise on diet ! =) Jaraldine torturing him la... dun let him eat this and that ... hahahaha ! Cherrie talks a lot lah ... non stop talking when they go for movies ! hahaha ~ kek sei Louise and Jaraldine ... I spent all of money and need "my finance government " to help me pay bus ticket too .. Thank you o ! He so "windy" on that day because he got $$$$ ~ but me ? almost let his wind blow away ~ That's all for today and enjoy the photos ... ( skipped )


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