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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Erm ... Lie doesnt mean something bad ~ different people with different thoughts ... so i think its better to make things clear so u will know what to do next ... its just another obstacle that u gonna face it , this kind of problem will happen sooner or later ... It will makes u stronger and tougher ! Its just like a moral values of life ... Well , for the first time , u did it the wrongly because u didn expect something like this will happen ...In addition , she lied to u maybe just want u to learn some lessons , because she care for u ... but i still dunno why she lied ... or maybe she did not lie ?? Maybe , she did recieved some news or get letters from other sources.... now , all u need is to make sure how she know about it and where she get it from ... then u will know did she lie or not ... Okayy ~ these kind of matter is just another challenge for u ~ Be a man ! yeah ~ take it easy , dun give too much pressure for urself =)
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