Ice Cream ( Continue )

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The ice cream is SUCCESS !! Hohoho ! it is eatable !!! taste nice ( too sweet ) everyone grab their spoon and start to eat !!

Simple yet tasty !

This is the trench coat for winter ~ i luvv it very muchie muchie ! 本来 i can wear this trench coat to Korea end of next month with my mom ... too bad , i didn have sem break =____= , so i missed the opportunity to see my Kwon Sang Woo ! Nevermind lah , feeling not excited even though when i hear that going to Korea ... Feel like abit bored to go with mom and those aunties ! Aduh .... So i syok sendiri in front the mirror ~ lol , wearing this Burberry trench coat , feel so special , because for the first time , i wear Burberry ( Original ) ... Besides , i found out the sewing and cutting all are perfect and fine ... The material is nice to wear , even the button are sew two way ( front and back ) ~ I think it cost around two thousand ++ O.O ~

Isn't it nice ? ( i think nicer for slimmer person T.T )

Look fat because its thick , plus tat is not tummy ... Haha

Original wan oh ~ not imitation


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