An Hour

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today , I do revision for Allen for previous practical class that he missed ~ then , talk talk talk explain explain explain ~ finally we r done ! I felt abit of hungry so i suggest to go and have a roti canai ~ we supposed to pay RM5 but he told the worker we ate 2 pieces of tosai only and we paid RM3 only ! ~ actually we ate 4 pieces... So paiseh !! after that , we go shopping a while ~ then he suddenly suggest to go paddy field there to "long kai" ~ his driving was ... SPEECHLESS ! he drive like acting in the initial D or the fast and the furious ~ Walao eh .... when i play fast songs , he drive even more faster ! he drove 120km/h !!! I can hear the wind blowing "fu fu fu" near the door there ~ Haiyor !! then after around 10 minutes , we arrived the paddy field already =__=, but there is nothing to see ~ =__= then he ask me where to u=turn , i said i dunno ... then we chat chat chat then we arrived Setiawan in another 10 minutes !! I thought he want to go Teluk Batik touch water =__= then we decided to u-turn in front of a factory ~ then go back with lower speed and insist to "cut" other's car even though its just a small space to fit in , he somemore race with a Proton Persona and he won ! =__= ~ sit his car , i only got one words : DANGEROUS !! but so far he passed lah ... i think its okay la just love to "hon" ppl ~ =__= Geng leh ? Go Paddy Field "long kai" and make a u-turn at Setiawan =__= !! In an hour , we managed to go Setiawan and come back from Setiawan ....

From 0 km/h


100 km/h !
Then ....
120 km/h !!

Nice Scenery ~
On the way to paddy field ~
While waiting for the traffic light

Too Bright XD

Trying to act cool while driving ~


粉肠教教主 said...

Aiyo ~ speech-down when driving lar ~~~ u din read my blog meh ?
Last 2 month, my sister's friend went to another world odi because of his speediness ~!
If u wanna do it again, u may prepare a 车头相 lor~ 大吉利是~~~

Sue said...

Okie ~ dun worry i drive very slow ... the driver not me >.< ~ btw thanks lot !! "dor jie gao ju"

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