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Sunday, October 5, 2008


Drinking HOT lemon tea right now ~ Wooseeh ~ comfy comfy !

Today , when i woke up , i found out my lips cracked ~ awww for the first time , my sexy lips ~ sigh .. i still can feel the pain on my lips ... *sobs*

The opera

Yesterday we went to old temple and had our dinner ~ then , we go to watch something like china opera ... We watched quite long even though we dunno what they acting ... Seng Le and Denise follow them and act , then simply translate ...LOL we keep laugh till aunties and uncles looked at us ... felt so embarrassed ... then , we walk to those stall and take a look ... This year have 2 stall only ... the special stall that sell amulet and Thailand's god plate ... while Seng Le and Denise exploring those plate... CK and i found out something creepy .. Inside the plate have BABY, means body of baby ...very tiny ~ u could see the entire body , the bone and ribcage ... It is filled with oil ... Besides , Seng Le saw a tools that use for VooDoo... So CREEPY ~ I really felt suprised saw it ~ for the first time i saw something like tis ~


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