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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The one

Havin conversation ?

Lil Pup , aww shy

Finally , i went to look for a skin specialist at ipoh ~ even though its abit of expensive but its worth it after all ~ im sad to heard the doctor mention SCARS again ... T.T next week will go and look for the specialist again for second treatment ...

Well , i dunno where my dad kidnapped a Labrador Retriever ... most probably from his friends , it is huge ! but very active , love to follow whenever we go ( pat ) ... for the first day , it didnt bark but those stray dogs outside my house bark at him fiercely ~ i thought that it wont bark and very gentle ~ so i protect it from those stray dogs ... my mom said that those stray dogs jealous that we raise this dog because we always feed those stray dogs ... So , its quite complicated ... And there is a handicapped puppy those hit by dunno which bastard till its muscle torn ... pity ~~ so we bring it to look for vet and give it vaccine and anti - louse (kutu ) shot ... and a few tablet of pill for it.... moreover we will call the veterinarian to give birth control shot to another 2 female stray dogs for every 6 months ... well , it cost alot too ... and now there is another Labrador Retriever ... the most important is that , a pregnant stray dogs is now giving birth... so there will be a lot of dogs at my house ~ pheww ~ the Labrador Retriever we named as Brownie ~ it likes to sniff and follow us ~ it love to sniff my legs my toes and my.... =___= so obviously it is a male ~

Tomorrow will be a start of second semester , hope everything is okayy ~~ miss them alots ! Second semester subjects will be quite difficult (i think) coz i never learnt it before ... management studies ? hmmm ? and there plenty subjects that i blur blur with ...nevermind , i will work hard for my second semester ! but the most important is hope that i understand what the lecturer teach ... some lecturer english really need to improve , their pronunciation really sucks just like my previous lecturer for computer studies ... her english really ADUH... its time to pack my bag and return to kampar ~ im gonna miss my puppy , those stray dogs and Brownie ~ Hopefully my mom could handle it coz she already stressed-out by the way of Brownie pee poo ~ LOL


jie jie said...

哈哈,惨了吧~~想不到英文很烂的comp. studies lecturer这个学期还有教你吧??其实我个人也觉得她英文很烂。。。

Sue said...

yaloh die liao loh ... see her yesterday ... SIEN !

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