Getting Old , Uncle Jon !

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Its 13 of October ! Jonathan's birthday yeah ~ Well , i had to shut my mouth for like a week without kacau -ing him about his birthday and NEVER mention birthday ...Finally , its SUNDAY ~ then i started to plan his birthday while im bathing ... Hmm ... we pretending that we forgotten his birthday and gave him a SURPRISE ! Too bad that Edmund's motor key left at hometown , so no transport and i borrow scooter from Bee Cheng ~ Then , Edmund fetch me go to nearest cake shop and bought cake , balloons and gift wrap without letting him know ... Luckily he went out celebrate with his friends ..After that , we blow the balloon ~ i dunno what balloon is that ~ SO HARD to blow ! blow till i surrender and asked Edmund's help ... well , i blow 70% of the balloons ~ quite proud of it ... hohoho ... then i write " Happy Bday ! " on each of the balloons and stick it to the wall ... After we get ready everything and wait for him .... then around 11 .30 am , we getting tired and frustrated , we worried he will be back at very late , worry this , worry that ... so we watch movie to de-stress , but then suddenly Edmund's heard his motor's sound ... Then i rush and take the cake while Edmund taking his table putted in the middle of the living room ...and he closed all the lights ... i was busying lighting all the candles ~ Then , when Edmund opened the door for him , i haven't light all the candles .. i was so panic and quickly ran into my room with the cake and then ran out again ... Then holding the cake and waiting him to turn around ... When he turn around some more wan act cool ~ haiyor ... put his shoes and smile at us ... i ask him faster loh , later will eat candles cake if u dun blow it ... Then , we sing " birthday song " to him and he blow the cake luh ... cut the cake into pieces ... then i help him to eat one and a half piece of cake ... because i am really HUNGRY ! i wait him until 11.45 am .... no die oso faint lah ... Then i ask him to take his birthday present that i put in the refrigerator ... Swt right ? A quite good looking shirt which i used paper wrap it and put in refrigerator ... Being special mah ... So ~ The shirt suitable for him lah , just a bit tight ...Sorry ~ a bit rush when bought it ... but overall he look cool ! He seems appreciate the present alot because that was his second present from his friend ... Kelian lah ... Then , he so happy until non stop talking ... his birthday mah , let him talk loh ... wah really non stop loh ... he got a lot comment and ideas ... then suddenly our room become so noisy ~ bi li ba la ~ played until 2 am ... Lastly , wish u happy birthday , Uncle Jon ! you are officially 19 years old now ! dun be naughty naughty ... *winks*

p/s : we missed a little boy who suppose to celebrate his birthday with us ~ but he infected by chicken pox , hope he get well soon and DON'T INFECT ME ... Thank you ~


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