Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My face had DESTROYED by a xxxx beautician ... i dont know is she a beautician ? i swear that i wont go there ANYMORE ! How can u pinch my acne ! Duh ! it will cause permanent scar ! and there are 3 big ones ! u pinch it all out ... now my face is crashed and destroyed ! i dont know whether should i die or wat ... i dun even dare to look at mirror ... this is terrible ! if there might be 3 permanent deep scars ! i will kill u !!!! I never wash my face in such painful condition ... i even felt pain when im sleeping ... even when i wake up .. i rather dunwan wash by u ... i dunno what the heck is the facial is for ... now everwhere on my face are SCARS SCARS SCARS !! i wanna CRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i look at my face at first , it was hurt to see so many redness and sore scars on my face , i really wanna cry out that time , but i just keep on endure till i get home.... I just cant believe my face had destroyed by her hand ! Words for the beautician , pls go to check it out from whatever source , do u ever know that acne CANNOT and NEVER be pinch or squeeze! U squeeze my acne and told me there will be permanent scars for sure ! F * U , why dun u tell me earlier then i will just walk away ? What kind of beautician is this ! Darn u ! Are u beautician or what ? Maybe i shouldnt called u beautician because u r not qualified ! Do you ever professionally trained before ? DO YOU ?!?! Besides , the product u r using , are not good ok ? that was a lousy brand ...
Nowadays i really prefer stay at house because i dunno how to face ppl with this fucking ugly face !!! i really hate it !!! I really prefer the beautician before ... She is soooooo much BETTER !! At least , she is trained in Japan and wont make my face look terrible and cause any permanent scars !!!!! Before i got acne more than now , she still manage to help me clear and no permanent scars ! i miss her lot ... I am very down now , sore eyes with sore throat ... cry for my permanent scars ..... i will rather die for them ... soooooo regret paying RM52 for these permanent scars ! i wish i never meet the beautician , then i will never have so much suffer now ! Besides , kena scolded by my mom , coz go xxx place for such facial ... I bet she is sad bcoz all her money wasted on my face was nothing now , coz scars scars scars ! She scolded me terribly and felt disappointed ... doesnt want to bother me anymore ... *sobs* i need your caring too , mom ~ Dad gonna bck soon , i've asked him to bring me to skin specialist , however my mom does not allow coz side effect , i think ... I dunno , they seems sooo disappointed with me ... Noooo ~



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