Friday, October 10, 2008

Today , i felt my face so DRY ! feels like gonna crack ... Darn ! Im sooooo pissed off ... What the F she put on my face ? FFFFFFFF ! I couldnt open my mouth widely ! $#@!$% then , i went to Kampar with Edmund and Allen to put our things ! We just look like moving house LOL ~ I miss my room alot ... haha especially "my friend" ~ When i open my door , the first thing i shout is HELLO !! IM BACK !!! GOT MISS ME ?!? LOL ~ just for fun , wish he/she just happy for tat and dont disturb me .. T.T i doesnt need any response from u ... Thank you ! XD Then , i clean up my things , sweep and mop the floor ~ then look for my 3 weeks rubbish >.< , luckily its all papers and plastic bags ~ not smelly at all ... Then while i sweeping the floor , suddenly a lizard crawl out from my printer ... i just keep on swing my broom towards my printer , then , suddenly a tail of lizard fell off from no where ( sorry >.< )... i still couldnt find the lizard , so i continue swing my broom and the next thing i saw is the corpse of lizard lying on the floor =___= ~ i accidentally smack it and its dead .... Im really sorry , i didn mean to kill u ... all i can say now is "AMITABHA" ... Before we went back , Allen's mom and a auntie want to buy egg tart ~ so they stop at the shop and start to grab for egg tart ... Seriously , the auntie quite exciting or nervous , i dunno ... when Edmund and i start to grab egg tart ... she said faster ah ! grab all ~ Edmund and i just look at them and we look like "ngong" already ... Then , we go pay for money while they still grabbing for tarts ~ Just when i turn around and i saw the 2 trays of tart are gone ....they grab everything ... all egg tarts !! there are around 30+ ... only one words to describe : INCREDIBLE
After arrived hometown , Edmund want to go to buy multi purpose solution for soft lens ... Then we went to England Optical ...The staff there know me quite well , then when she saw my face and asked me a question that hurt me lots ! " U get chicken pox ? " kanasai ~%$#%@ i wanna just hide my head to somewhere else where nobody knows me ! Plus , i even have to smile at her and say nola... T___T Ok fine... then , Allen started to play with the eye machine , match different colour lens by capture your photo.... Ceh ... i tot is changing different spectacles frame ... just changing the different colour of lens ... After Allen played , then is Edmund turn... After that , its my turn ... I really doesnt want to play .. need to take photo ... and when i see my face through the mirror ... i wanna die once again ! i just sit there and look at mirror ... that ALLEN tell the staff ok la... she wants to try too ...walao eh ... i dunno what to do next ... Then , when im trying to take photo , they 2 keep make me laugh and caused me capture UGLY photo !! =___= i forgot whether Edmund or Allen said that your pimples + scars are not obvious in the photo ! =___= ...... After that , Edmund said he want to go to see facial foam product , i straight away stop and said im dying not to go there ! there got lots of AUNTIES who knows me ...If i go, then they will started to ask AIYO !! WHY YOUR FACE LIKE TIS?!?!? then wat u expect me to answer u ? ahhh ~ =___= then they two leave me alone behind and went to the face product department ... T_T After that , i go to Allen's house to take XDO installation CD ~ and his father ...... makes me sweat alot ... here is our conversation :
His Dad : " Hello , Sue , How are you ? U get good result horrr ? "
Me : " Nola ..."( thinking that how u know my result ? )
His Dad : "So , what is your result ? "
Me : "Ohh result is * bla bla bla * ( then thinking that why u ask tis question after praising me get good result ? )
His Dad : " very good ah ... ( smile ) So, are u going out with Allen now ? "
Me : " Nononono , i am waiting for him to take me a CD "
His Dad : " Oh , come in and have a seat "
Me : " Nevermind nevermind its okay , i just wait him here outside "
Finally Allen come and gave me the CD ... Phewww ~ his dad make me nail-biting ... so worrying that i might say wrong words ... Then went back and chit chat with my mom a while ... and found out she going out yum cha with friends =__= I just take my bath and watch " Guai Tan " latest episode ... Watch till half , started to feel spooky ~ geee ~ scary lah watch alone ... then , i planned to take back to Kampar to watch with them include Jonathan , the professor of philosophy ... He what oso not scare especially those "friends" , so ... watch with him will not feel scary but feel like wanna hit him coz he got too much idea ... Hahaha so his given name called Professor Of Philosophy, Jonathan ... Its time to bed , tomorrow got hell lots of thing to do.. I have to pay sem 2 $$ and recieve something i bought for so long ... finally its done and will be post to my house tomorrow ! Yeah ~


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