Goodbye October ! Hello November 2008 <3

Friday, October 31, 2008

When im back from class then i was sooooo hungry !! i quickly cook my dinner ~ but i need to de-bone those chicken... But my skill are pretty lousy... Then Allen jump out and kacau me ... He oso preparing his dinner ... Then he help me to cut those chicken ... Well ,thank you and he tease me that i dunno how to de-bone =_= then we change character , he become Sue and i become Allen XD then he keep on ask me and said " Allen , why ur breast .... " =___= then i asked him back " Sue , where ur breast so flat ... " LOL ... then while i cooking my noodle , and he say " u havent put vegetable !" then i said " i ate all my vege already la " , he replied " I GOT !! " then i know what his purpose d .... He want me to help him finish his cabbage ... Then i said okay , put some into my pot ... Then he keep on say "nah eat more , then no constipation" then he keep on put his cabbage into my pot !! and he just eat a little cabbage only ... =___= ~ i will be kicking his butt soon .... then my bowl of noodle become superr BIG bcoz so many cabbage and meat ...
After we ate our dinner and we slept zzzzz =__= ~ Then when i wake up already 11.45 pm !! SWT ~ somemore Allen woke me up and asked me where we gonna go for our supper ... then i blur blur and give him some response that even myself also dunno ~ all i remember is he ask me wake up and i doesnt want to ... lazy ~ then when he closing the door then suddenly open the door again and shout at me " HELLO ! " with the wicked smile ! He really makes me LAUGH ! He keep on doing such thing for several times , i have no choice and i laugh till wake up d ~ Then i go and bath ~ Its freezing cold !! Then , we play play and watch a video from youtube " India Michael Jackson" with chinese subtitle .. The chorus part is " 干你妈的 , 妈的..妈的..妈的.. !" then i sing "干你妈的" he continue with "妈的..妈的..妈的.." ~
like this play har play har ~ 1 am we only walk out ... the whole street like a dead city ! so silent .. just two of us walking and some mat rempit showing their skill there ~ =_= and those speedy cars drive sooo fast and makes me angry !coz i am walking !!! grrr ~ then we go MM for 2 Tosai ! it taste soooo nice !!! then , we walk to westlake ... There are a stall for shisha , well i wanted to try it but definitely not try it at a streetside stall ~ Then when we were walking , he said lets go for the dark street to see got anything ... then i really unwilling to go coz its creepy duh ! then when we walking in the middle of the street and we heard a very high pitch voice laughing and sounds like a witch laughing ... then both of us look at each other and walk back to the road where we suppose to go to Westlake .. LOL ! XD
Then we go to westlake to chit chat ~ There got nobody but us , then came some boys and girls ~ "flying" their motor in front of us ... acting cool =__= so swt ! there is a boy wearing a red semi-short pants with black stripes ... He makes Allen keep laughing whenever he pass by coz he looks like a clown ! LOL ~ Then , came 2 "Ah Gua" trying to seduce Allen , I guess ! Wahaha FUNNY !... After that we keep on chit chat and guess we chat till wat time ? 4.00Am ! then we started to walk back ...
When we walking back , Allen suddenly said there are 2 dogs at there and we dun dare to walk bck so we walk into westlake ...After we hestitating whether should go back , we decided just walk back and ignore the dogs ... Okayy ~ i was like freaking scare ! bcoz i didn wear specs so couldn see far and dunno where the dog at ... Then when we almost arrive our house , we hear barking sound in Westlake houses , then only we know the dogs went into Westlake house area already , then i felt relief ~ But then , Allen told me in front got 2 peoples and he asked me to keep our wallet dun let them saw ... and Again ! i felt nervous ! and put my wallet into his armpit ...muahaha ~ When i saw them , they are just a horny couple that keep touching each others =_=
Then when we arrived home , its 5 am already ! Then he ironing his shirt and run here and there ... then he jump into my room and we play a while ... not a while ... we chit chat again and discussing people in Friendster then i saw sunrise from my window ... =__= and its 6 am already !! He want to sleep , and i want to sleep too ... But he couldnt sleep coz he knows that if he sleeps now ,then he couldn wake up at 7.30 am ~ coz he got class at 8.30 am ! LOL ..Luckily my class will be at 2.30pm in the next day ... and i need to wake up on 10 am to accompany Sing Ee go to gym .. but then i had stomache ! so i couldnt go with her ...Im sorry =( promise to go with u next time ...


Carenlie said...

yeserday i slep late oso !
erm actually is 2day morning la lol ...
next time i cant slep i cal u la!
lol ....

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