Goodbye October ! Hello November 2008 <3

Friday, October 31, 2008

When im back from class then i was sooooo hungry !! i quickly cook my dinner ~ but i need to de-bone those chicken... But my skill are pretty lousy... Then Allen jump out and kacau me ... He oso preparing his dinner ... Then he help me to cut those chicken ... Well ,thank you and he tease me that i dunno how to de-bone =_= then we change character , he become Sue and i become Allen XD then he keep on ask me and said " Allen , why ur breast .... " =___= then i asked him back " Sue , where ur breast so flat ... " LOL ... then while i cooking my noodle , and he say " u havent put vegetable !" then i said " i ate all my vege already la " , he replied " I GOT !! " then i know what his purpose d .... He want me to help him finish his cabbage ... Then i said okay , put some into my pot ... Then he keep on say "nah eat more , then no constipation" then he keep on put his cabbage into my pot !! and he just eat a little cabbage only ... =___= ~ i will be kicking his butt soon .... then my bowl of noodle become superr BIG bcoz so many cabbage and meat ...
After we ate our dinner and we slept zzzzz =__= ~ Then when i wake up already 11.45 pm !! SWT ~ somemore Allen woke me up and asked me where we gonna go for our supper ... then i blur blur and give him some response that even myself also dunno ~ all i remember is he ask me wake up and i doesnt want to ... lazy ~ then when he closing the door then suddenly open the door again and shout at me " HELLO ! " with the wicked smile ! He really makes me LAUGH ! He keep on doing such thing for several times , i have no choice and i laugh till wake up d ~ Then i go and bath ~ Its freezing cold !! Then , we play play and watch a video from youtube " India Michael Jackson" with chinese subtitle .. The chorus part is " 干你妈的 , 妈的..妈的..妈的.. !" then i sing "干你妈的" he continue with "妈的..妈的..妈的.." ~
like this play har play har ~ 1 am we only walk out ... the whole street like a dead city ! so silent .. just two of us walking and some mat rempit showing their skill there ~ =_= and those speedy cars drive sooo fast and makes me angry !coz i am walking !!! grrr ~ then we go MM for 2 Tosai ! it taste soooo nice !!! then , we walk to westlake ... There are a stall for shisha , well i wanted to try it but definitely not try it at a streetside stall ~ Then when we were walking , he said lets go for the dark street to see got anything ... then i really unwilling to go coz its creepy duh ! then when we walking in the middle of the street and we heard a very high pitch voice laughing and sounds like a witch laughing ... then both of us look at each other and walk back to the road where we suppose to go to Westlake .. LOL ! XD
Then we go to westlake to chit chat ~ There got nobody but us , then came some boys and girls ~ "flying" their motor in front of us ... acting cool =__= so swt ! there is a boy wearing a red semi-short pants with black stripes ... He makes Allen keep laughing whenever he pass by coz he looks like a clown ! LOL ~ Then , came 2 "Ah Gua" trying to seduce Allen , I guess ! Wahaha FUNNY !... After that we keep on chit chat and guess we chat till wat time ? 4.00Am ! then we started to walk back ...
When we walking back , Allen suddenly said there are 2 dogs at there and we dun dare to walk bck so we walk into westlake ...After we hestitating whether should go back , we decided just walk back and ignore the dogs ... Okayy ~ i was like freaking scare ! bcoz i didn wear specs so couldn see far and dunno where the dog at ... Then when we almost arrive our house , we hear barking sound in Westlake houses , then only we know the dogs went into Westlake house area already , then i felt relief ~ But then , Allen told me in front got 2 peoples and he asked me to keep our wallet dun let them saw ... and Again ! i felt nervous ! and put my wallet into his armpit ...muahaha ~ When i saw them , they are just a horny couple that keep touching each others =_=
Then when we arrived home , its 5 am already ! Then he ironing his shirt and run here and there ... then he jump into my room and we play a while ... not a while ... we chit chat again and discussing people in Friendster then i saw sunrise from my window ... =__= and its 6 am already !! He want to sleep , and i want to sleep too ... But he couldnt sleep coz he knows that if he sleeps now ,then he couldn wake up at 7.30 am ~ coz he got class at 8.30 am ! LOL ..Luckily my class will be at 2.30pm in the next day ... and i need to wake up on 10 am to accompany Sing Ee go to gym .. but then i had stomache ! so i couldnt go with her ...Im sorry =( promise to go with u next time ...



脆弱的坚强 不再有梦想

厌恶的思果 不断的涌现

仿佛说着 对所有事情的绝望和断念

抵住我的耳朵 不想再听到任何耳际细语

而我 却牢牢记着 你说的不要再想你



p/s: 纯粹写爽=)

Nobody's home

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Erm ... Lie doesnt mean something bad ~ different people with different thoughts ... so i think its better to make things clear so u will know what to do next ... its just another obstacle that u gonna face it , this kind of problem will happen sooner or later ... It will makes u stronger and tougher ! Its just like a moral values of life ... Well , for the first time , u did it the wrongly because u didn expect something like this will happen ...In addition , she lied to u maybe just want u to learn some lessons , because she care for u ... but i still dunno why she lied ... or maybe she did not lie ?? Maybe , she did recieved some news or get letters from other sources.... now , all u need is to make sure how she know about it and where she get it from ... then u will know did she lie or not ... Okayy ~ these kind of matter is just another challenge for u ~ Be a man ! yeah ~ take it easy , dun give too much pressure for urself =)
p/s: consolation hours : anytime (VIP only)

Lurveee Them ~

Monday, October 27, 2008

These are the puppies i heart them the most !! they are ADORABLE !!!!!!! looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE !!!!!! arhhh hope i can hug and sayang them everyday !!! They are just 2 weeks old , looks like pig and always cry ... they had opened their eye but cant see yet ... SO CUTE when they grumble ... GRRRRR ~ wanna bite them !!! there suppose to be 5 puppies but last week there was a flood opposite my house , and 3 puppies died ! Luckily my mom saved these 2 puppies from the drain while raining .. Cool right? My mom eventually get sick after that day ... coz it is raining very heavily and the drain water flow very fast and my mom look for them in the drain ~ Love them alot and the handicapped puppy grew up and become bigger size ... i am no longer can hug u in my arms ~ she is a teenager now , start to have bad temper ... bite my shoes and i scolded her ! She doesnt want to bother me when i called her name... Aikss ~ ! and run away from home ... hahahaha but she just pretend to be angry la...what a handicapped puppy ... look at those puppies !!!

Drinking "nen nen" (milk) XD

See ... look so ugly yet cute !!!!

Yawnn ~~~~~~

the most fat pup !! Muackss

Where he looking at ?

Sayang Sayang ~~

Wahaha So Funny ! He want to drink "nen nen"



Sleeping ...

Where are u 2 going ?
p/s: Upload photo without edit ~ LAZY =(

Happy 100 Post For My Blog !

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Forgotten to post one of a scary moment that happened in Kampar ! This creature makes me couldnt brush my teeth and wash my face because it stick on my toilet door ~ ! Dont know where it came from ... Fuyohh ~ Kacau nyee ~ This is it ..........

Praying Mantis !

Forever ?


Just saw one of my friend's blog and knew that she broke up with her bf ~ i think i am the most late to know about it ... for 3 years leh !! dunno why they broke up ... but it seems to hurt my friend alot !! 3 years leh !!! it isnt easy to go through it for these 3 years .... how to erase those memories and for 3 years , i think he already become a part of her ~ ! i think i can understand her pain and heartbroke even though i dunno what is the reason they broke up ~ but i think all she need is SUPPORT from her lovely friends ! Luckily she have a lot of good friends that give her supports ! suddenly i realise that a sudden change can cause so much pain to others ... whoa , when it comes to the end , everything become so dead and it hurts alot ...So cruel ~ its hard to maintain a relationship till your last breath ~ One small mistakes can change everything ... So never try to do any mistake even though its hard ! Appreciate what you've got ! Letting go isnt easy but i will support u as long as u r happy ! Just let the feelings fade away and u can erase him from ur brain ~ you can do it !

p/s: true love does exist ? will it last forever ? prove it ..
Dedicate this song to her !你的绘画凌乱着
时间过了 走了
冷了 倦了我哭了
怎麽了 你累了 说好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不说了 爱淡了 梦远了
说好的 幸福呢 我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了

An Hour

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today , I do revision for Allen for previous practical class that he missed ~ then , talk talk talk explain explain explain ~ finally we r done ! I felt abit of hungry so i suggest to go and have a roti canai ~ we supposed to pay RM5 but he told the worker we ate 2 pieces of tosai only and we paid RM3 only ! ~ actually we ate 4 pieces... So paiseh !! after that , we go shopping a while ~ then he suddenly suggest to go paddy field there to "long kai" ~ his driving was ... SPEECHLESS ! he drive like acting in the initial D or the fast and the furious ~ Walao eh .... when i play fast songs , he drive even more faster ! he drove 120km/h !!! I can hear the wind blowing "fu fu fu" near the door there ~ Haiyor !! then after around 10 minutes , we arrived the paddy field already =__=, but there is nothing to see ~ =__= then he ask me where to u=turn , i said i dunno ... then we chat chat chat then we arrived Setiawan in another 10 minutes !! I thought he want to go Teluk Batik touch water =__= then we decided to u-turn in front of a factory ~ then go back with lower speed and insist to "cut" other's car even though its just a small space to fit in , he somemore race with a Proton Persona and he won ! =__= ~ sit his car , i only got one words : DANGEROUS !! but so far he passed lah ... i think its okay la just love to "hon" ppl ~ =__= Geng leh ? Go Paddy Field "long kai" and make a u-turn at Setiawan =__= !! In an hour , we managed to go Setiawan and come back from Setiawan ....

From 0 km/h


100 km/h !
Then ....
120 km/h !!

Nice Scenery ~
On the way to paddy field ~
While waiting for the traffic light

Too Bright XD

Trying to act cool while driving ~

Saving $$ Day !

Friday, October 24, 2008


Well , the spirit of dying to shopping without $$ ~ We went for ipoh AGAIN yesterday ~ i didnt skip any class coz my class till 10 am only , plus the lecture talks more crap than notes ~ I really dun understand what he talking bout although i pay attention to him ... Luckily tutor are much much better ! She explained and i just realise how simple it is ~ zzz ~ Okie , bck to topic ... Jaraldine and Louise joined us to go to Ipoh too ~ Then jump out a Cherrie ~

So we waited at the bus stop for around 1 hour and wait for Louise and Cherrie walk to bus stop bcoz they missed the bus ~ =__= i bought a RM1.00 bread and a mineral water ! Really saving money for my ass ~ Duh , it doesnt look like me coz usually i will buy this and that ~ Okie , just save $$ just because i want to spend more in Ipoh ~ we wait wait wait and wait , the bus still havent come yet , so we decided to go to bus station and wait there for the Ipoh bus ~ There we go ~~~

The bus is horrible luh ... first of all ~ HOT and WITHOUT AIR CON ! just because we are in hurry , so we cincai sit this type of bus ... if not , we will be enjoying air con bus ~ all i can say is , my hair are messy and i style my hair for an hour was wasted =___= Hope there will be no next time for such condition anymore ... Cherrie keep on make up in the bus while Jaraldine drinking Louise's milk ~ hahaha ~ Nola , she slept on his arm ... SO SWEET !! At 12.00pm , we arrived Medan Kit and jumped into a bus with a guy who keep shouting for " PARADE PARADE MARI MARARADE PARADE ! " We decided to go Parade just because long time didnt go already ~ That Soh Po Cherrie followed the guy shout " PARADE MARI PARADE" Aiyorrr ~ so embarrassing lahh !! We asked her to marry the guy then they can work together , everyday shout in the bus together ~ LOL ! She ahhh .... no eyes see ~

Finally , we arrived Parade and straight away went to the toilet while Cherrie make up loh ~ Whenever she feel free then she will make up ~ Then we split into two group which is Me and Allen , Jaraldine and Louise coz they go pak tor , Cherrie followed them and gonna be a big light bulb ~ Parade really bored than Jusco , SERIOUSLY ... So many students and "seafood" ~ Allen suggest to go for buffet at the corner shop but then it didnt open , so we went for steamboat instead of waiting for the shop to open ... The rich guy , Allen sooo rich rich rich on that day la ... everything oso he helped me paid ~ But i didn't felt ashamed ( hoho , its a different version ) , just felt paiseh only ...coz owe him $$ ~ Nonono he oso owe me $$ ! Steamboat are nice nice nice and the price are reasonable ! He cant eat any seafood and tofu so i helped him cleaned up and left chicken , noodles , egg and vege for him ... We eat , talk and sit for quite long coz Parade is boring ! nothing to see and shop , so eat is the only way to fulfill the leisure time ... So many students and lalas ~ talk so loud like their shop or home =__= After lunch , we went window shopping again ... and Allen asked me to go for a shop which he named it as Hong Kong shop , actually is Acewin la .. =__= then , he choose those spaghetti straps shirt or dress for me to try it , and ask me to have confidence ... It might be too sexy for me lah , not necessary to wear like this to go out gua ~ i didn't have good body shape ( improving ) , so i felt think its very weird and let ppl laugh ... T_T i even doesn't dare to walk out from the fitting room ... Then i went to F.O.S ! Whoaa just like heaven for me ... i luv everything there !! unlike other shops in Parade ... Once again Allen take those spaghetti straps for me to try ~ Oklo , this look much better ~ i luv the pants but its too big and there is no smaller size ! T_T Then , Allen keep give me hint that this or that so nice and wanted me buy for him as birthday present ... u arh... slowly wait lah har ... Then, we went to a 18xx shop, The Rubber Shop , the second time i go in ~ It is funny to go in coz i saw those word " ENLARGEMENT" and many more ... so funny !!! I love the fluffy hand cuff , it looks cute even though i know its for SM use ... but what i gonna do with it and the price is quite expensive too !

Besides, we have our tea time at Starbucks and he treat me a frappuccino with chocolate chips and whipped cream + caramel ! SoOoOo nicee ! plus a little chocolate banana muffin ! i am suspecting he get 3D or TOTO ?? Give me such expensive treat ~ ? We chat and read magazine , never felt so bored before , usually we didn have enough time to shop in Jusco but its different in Parade ... Hahahah .... Then , Jaraldine and Louise drink watermelon juice if im not mistaken , coz Louise on diet ! =) Jaraldine torturing him la... dun let him eat this and that ... hahahaha ! Cherrie talks a lot lah ... non stop talking when they go for movies ! hahaha ~ kek sei Louise and Jaraldine ... I spent all of money and need "my finance government " to help me pay bus ticket too .. Thank you o ! He so "windy" on that day because he got $$$$ ~ but me ? almost let his wind blow away ~ That's all for today and enjoy the photos ... ( skipped )

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