very swt ....

Sunday, September 14, 2008


today .... i think suppose to be just now .... i drive to maybank trying to take money and deposit money to ppl ... the problem is the road there is sooooo jam ... lots of car ! i just simply park at roadside ( luckily no police ) ... eventually my car had blocked others ppl car from going out ... okie okie , i tot it would be just a while ... mana tahu , when i try to deposit money , a RM10 cash cannot accepted and rejected by the machine .... i tried for 3 times , then i heard hon sound ... then i know that must be my car blocked other's ppl car ... so paiseh , i run out and apologize to the uncle and auntie ... well , i tot they will smile at me , but their face get even more dark =.="
then i dunno tis should be lucky or unlucky .... ngam ngam , a car in front trying to get out and there is a space for parking ... then i quickly park it .....just when i tot i can get out from the car ~~ a malay auntie who looks like a datin ... give me a sign ask me to stop stop stop ... then i know what she mean .... her car lagi geng ~ park in front the maybank entrance , i dunno how she do it ... =.=" my kindness heart told me to reverse and let her get out from there .... then i reverse out from there .... there are so many cars , they dun even wan to let me out ... i reverse till half then need stop there wait ppl let me out ...after 3 minutes , i finally get out from there and i drive around .... i still couldnt find a place and the most important is the malay auntie still struggling to get out from there .... lol , so funny ~
then i drive around for the third times .... i couldnt find the nearest car park , and i simply park at roadside again ... and im so worried for the same incident happened again , so i ran towards maybank and trying to deposit money again ... then when i queue up to deposit money , a boy looks like secondary school or something ... i dunno what the hell he trying to do , i think he put one cash at one time and another cash at one time , he really " si beh eng ".... i didn have time and i still have to wait that fellow to play deposit cash machine ... the another machine have 4 ppl queue-ing up ... so what the hell im suppose to do ? im sooooo pissed and i wish i could the stab the boy with my car keys... aduh , i have no time play wit him la... i think after 8 minutes only he finished his cash deposit .... =.="
so swt that happened so many things when i just wanna go to deposit cash and take money =.="


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