tired ...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


welll im so fckin pissed when i saw ur blog .... im sorry for being rude ...

first of all , i would like to thank you for everything u done to me , i know u are a good guy ,

however , u might think im using u , ok fine sorry ... sorry what i hurt u ... and this is what i can

say ... im stuck in between love and hate ... i really love u as my friend and hate u for being like

this ... all i can say is sorry and thank you ... well , i dunno what i can say , and i dunwan whether i

should angry or upset now ... i am so tired for angry a person , i am already upset , i am no longer

can stand sorrow again ... there is no return point , i knew it ... sorry for everything that makes u

sad and angry ... and i dunno what to do to make u feel better ... once again , sorry and cry isnt

fake and i wont easily cry for someone not important , u will never knew how sad i am ~ for me ,

i think what u said is childish but i still remember what i owe u ... i will always remember u , our

memories ... thank you and bye bye ....


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