SWT ~ !

Friday, September 26, 2008


Yesterday i was disturbed by a bunch of mosquitoes ! they are NOISY ! flying around my ears and face ~ duh ! im trying to endure , however i cant stand it already .... So , i wake up at 6.18 am and turn on the light ... started to hunt mosquitoes ! i successfully hunt 5 big fat blood suckers ( mosquitoes ) ... they sucked my blood and look soooo fat ! okie , now u r fat , cant fly high huh ?! muahaha.... they all died on my electric mosquito bat ( translate from chinese =__= ) ~ i felt so happy tat they all died with sparkling lights and "bi li ba la" sound ~ After buried them into my basin then i mourn them in my dream ... ( continue sleeping ~ )
Then , i went to renew my IC ~ coz old wan already spoilt till can spilt it out into 4 pieces =__=" ~ then before that , they need my water / electric bill photostat copy ~ so i went to E-Best photostat it and i bought Mina Magazine ~ quite expensive RM8 =__=" then when my mom saw it , and nag me said got money already ah ? very rich hor ? watch these kind of magazine for what ? blah blah blah ~ then , while i making my ic at counter there ... my mom reading the magazine that i bought just now =__=" speechless ~ Lucikly today less ppl make IC ~ i just waited for 10 mins and snap photo for 3 mins ~ so quick ya ~
The most swt - est thing happened today is .... my underwear flew away to my roof =__=" ... i didnt realise it till i want to close my window ~ i dunno what to say ... speechless ... i am still hesitate whether should i tell my mom ? should i just left it at the roof or should i use some kind of stick to grab it back ?? swt swt swt ~ at last i decided go to grab it ... coz i dunwan let it fly to some other place =__=" what if ppl took it for voodoo ?? huh?!? =__=" i guess i shouldnt hang it over there anymore ....

It suppose to hang it over here =__="

There it flew ~ so obvious rite? =_____="


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