Making Ice Cream

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today , i took breakfast with them and with 4 friends of them ~ we ate bak kut teh ~ it taste really nice but abit too sweet today ~ i am so paiseh to take food that far from me bcoz their new friends at there ~ just feeling strange ~ then i just eat food that near, in front of me ~ After that , we go to Denise house bcoz they said wanna make ice cream ~ so we go and buy ingredient ~ here we go ...

Here are the ingredient ~ 1 Litre of milk , caster sugar , 500g of Coffeemate , Chocolates ( Optional )

Melting the chocolates ~

Stir Stir Stir for dunno how long =__=

It taste like chocolate milk ~

Due to the reason that Denise forgotten where her mom put the food processor ~ we search everywhere also cant find it , and i have the machine but didn have the stick ~ Jackson have the stick but didn have the machine =___="

So we decided to use ......................

Hahaha blender ~ almost same lah ~ hahaha ~ then just blend for dunno how many minutes =__= we didnt count ~

After dunno how many minutes , then just pour into tupperware and put into freezer for one day ~

As you can see , the percentage of success is 10 % ~ hahaha hopefully , we can enjoy the ice cream tomorrow ~ nonono , just hope that the ice cream is eatable ~ hahaha ~ Result will be out tomorrow , Stay Tune !

(p/s: we did enjoy the process of making ice cream ~ screaming all the way )


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