Monday, September 29, 2008


i cant sleep well these few days ... dunno why .... stress ? i dun think so ~ constipation ? =___= roll around my bed , twist here and there ~ even sleep opposite position oso cant sleep well ~ why ? i dunno what am i annoyed about ... what is the matter that cant get out from my head ? god save me !
when i msn or surfing internet , i really feel sleepy ... when i turn it off , plan to go to bed ... then i am so energetic ..... what the heck is going on ? oh god !
i wish i could go out everyday ~ stay at home is so BORED ! SERIOUSLY , i felt lonely at home .... nobody to talk to ... i wish i could go bck kampar as soon as possible , at least i can go out yum cha with friend when i am BORED ! they will accompany me go out or go westlake walk around or long kai ~ arghh !

I bought this laptop skin ~ i love it very much ~ coz i think its soo cool ~ but some of my friend doesnt like it , even ask me why will buy this pattern ? even worst said that give me also doesnt want to put on laptop ~ does it really looks that bad ? hmmm ~ but i luv it alot !


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